Kevin Byard: Rookie looks to be Ryan Tannehill’s new ‘Go-To’

NASHVILLE – The numbers in the end will tell the story.

For now, though, something Kevin Byard said at the conclusion of training camp spoke volumes for how the Tennessee Titans’ passing game has evolved since the offseason departures of wide receiver AJ Brown and four others who were among the top seven. good in their expectations last season.

“Obviously, Kyle Philips has been like that [quarterback] Ryan [Tannehill’s] go to receiver in two minutes and a lot of different situations,” Byard said Thursday.

He must know. Byard is the leader of the Titans defense and one of the NFL’s most productive pass defenders in recent seasons. As such, he has faced off against Tannehill and the Titans offense nearly every day throughout the offseason and through camp, which opened on July 27.

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