Laramie Science Fair Finalists Announced |  tidings

Laramie Science Fair Finalists Announced | tidings

Science Fair

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Over 10 schools, with a combined total of more than 50 entries, participated in the 50th annual Laramie County Science Fair on Saturday, January 27th.

More than 30 participants in three divisions were honored in the fair’s 10 categories. The settings are as follows:

4th Grade Division-Animal Science

  • First Place – Rogen Walker, Henderson

Grade 4 Division-Biomedical and Health Sciences

  • First place – Ivy Olsen, Pioneer Park
  • Second Place – Luke Reko, Gilchrist
  • Third place – Harper Bohlender, Saddle Ridge

Grade 4 Division – Chemistry

  • First Place – Breckan Connelly, Gilchrist
  • Second Place–Brinley Palmer, Saddle Ridge
  • Third Place – Sadie Palmer, Saddle Ridge
  • Honorable Mention–Kendall Harbeson, Saddle Ridge

4th Grade Division-Earth and Environmental Sciences

  • First place – Hattie Burningham, Pioneer Park
  • Second Place – Emerson Siegel, Prairie Wind
  • Honorable Mention–Saddie Robbins and Barrett Brown, Prairie Wind

4th Grade Division-Material Science

  • Honorable Mentions – Ainsely Fry and Noah Sanchez, Prairie Wind

Class 4 Section-Microbiology

  • First Place – Ian Olsen, Pioneer Park
  • Second Place – Grayson Harrison, Homeschool

Grade 4 Division-Physical Science and Astronomy

  • First place – John Lackey, Saddle Ridge
  • Second Place – Alan Hageman, Prairie Wind
  • Third place – Kooper Rysell, Saddle Ridge

Grade 4 Division-Plant Science

  • First Place – Juliette Mulhern, Gilchrist
  • Second Place-William Ryder, Saddle Ridge
  • Third Place – Raegan Hatcliff, Saddle Ridge

5th Grade Division-Animal Science

  • First Place – Elyse Adams-Case, Prairie Wind
  • Second Place – Wrigley Thomas, Hobbs

5th Grade Division-Behavioral and Social Sciences

  • First place – Grace Christopherson, Hobbs

Grade 5 Division-Chemistry

  • First Place – Nathan Hollard, Prairie Wind
  • Second place – Pacey Kirkwood and Layla Lowe, Hobbs
  • Third Place – Eva Mulhern, Gilchrist
  • Honorable Mention–Elouise Apa, Hobbs

5th Grade Division-Earth and Environmental Sciences

  • First place – Blake Trautwein, Pioneer Park

5th Grade Division-Material Science

  • First place–Cora Kassel, St. Mary’s
  • Second Place – Ivy Lewis, Gilchrist
  • Third Place – Audrey Lindell, Baggs
  • Honorable Mention–Paige Bartow, Henderson

5th Grade Division-Microbiology

  • First place–Mahoney McDaniel, Baggs
  • Second Place – Paisley Denker, Gilchrist

Grade 5 Division-Physical Science and Astronomy

  • First place-Thomas Loftin, Hobbs

5th Grade Division-Plant Science

  • First place – Kaylee Reffler, Pioneer Park

Minor Division—Integrated Systems

  • First place-Daniel Khan, Hobbs

Junior Division-Engineering Technology: Statics and Dynamics

  • First place – Jacob Gilbert, Gilchrist and Ethan Frint, Pioneer Park
  • Honorable Mention–Charles Padilla, St. Mary’s

Junior Division-Materials Science

  • First Place – Mia Pearlman, Pioneer Park
  • Second Place – Liorah Stephens, Gilchrist
  • Honorable Mention – Payton Brooks, Meadowlark

Minor Division-Plant Science

  • First place – Ada Cox, McCormick
  • Second Place-Felicity Cox, Prairie Wind
  • Third place – Rilynne Rutar, St. Mary’s

Junior Division-Chemistry

  • First Place – Rozley Moore, Baggs

Best of show

  • 4th Grade–Ivy Olsen, Pioneer Park
  • 5th grade-Thomas Loftin, Hobbs
  • Junior Division—Ada Cox, McCormick

The following students placed on the podium at the Southeast Regional Science Fair on Thursday, February 1:

Grade 6-Engineering/Sustainable Materials and Design/Materials Science

  • First Place-Daniyal Khan, Hobbs
  • Second Place – Ethan Frint, Pioneer Park
  • Third Place – Liorah Stephens, Gilchrist

6th Grade-Biochemistry/Cellular and Molecular Biology/Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

  • First Place–Rilynne Rutar, St. Mary’s

Grade 8-Plant Science

  • First place – Ada Cox, McCormick

10th grade – Biochemistry / Cellular and molecular biology / Computational biology and bioinformatics

  • First Place-Abdullah Khan, Central

Grade 11-Earth and Environmental Science/Environmental Engineering

  • First place – Shelby Hoobler, East

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