Learn data science on a budget

Learn data science on a budget

Learn data science on a budgetLearn data science on a budget
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Finding the right platform or course is never easy when you’re looking to learn something new. It consists of a lot of trial and error, and the worst part is when you pay for it. Feel like you’re going around in circles trying to figure out the best way to advance your career, but then you end up back at square one — and you’ve hurt your pockets (sometimes a little, sometimes a lot)

That’s why I’ve decided to put together this article, so you can learn from my mistakes and gain all the knowledge of data science – on a budget!

Link: Understanding Data Science

Let’s start with DataCamp – an online learning platform that offers a variety of different courses. Their ‘Understanding Data Science’ course is aimed at beginners who want to get their feet wet in the world of data science. And you also don’t have to worry about coding experience – because it’s not necessary!

It’s a 2-hour course and consists of 15 instructional videos and 48 exercises! Divided into 4 sections, the first section Introduction to Data Science is free and the remaining 3 sections will require you to get a membership. Membership prices are reasonable, and with it you’ll get access to the full DataCamps content library, making it useful when you want to take additional courses.

Link: Data Science from scratch

This is for bookworms who prefer this as their learning method. In the book ‘Data Science from scratch’ you will learn about the discipline of data science, such as libraries, frameworks, modules and toolkits. How and how algorithms work and how you can implement them from scratch.

If you’re looking for a crash course in Python and want to learn the basics of data science, dive into the basics of machine learning, and dive deeper – this book is for you.

Link: Introduction to Probability

A 10 week course that is FREE from Harvard! With many online bootcamp courses, probability is sometimes forgotten. However, it is essential to your understanding of the fundamentals of data science. Probability learning can take you from being a ‘good’ data scientist to an ‘expert’ data scientist.

In this course you will learn about uncertainty and randomness, making good predictions, normal probability distributions, and more. The course is free, but you can add a verified certificate for $209.

Link: Python in a nutshell

Python has been ranked as one of the most popular programming languages ​​for a while now – and there’s a reason why. The simple syntax has made it easy for people to easily move into the world of data science. There is a demand for data professionals and the Python language has definitely paved the way.

This 4th edition book ‘Python in a Nutshell’ consists of 26 chapters which take you from a complete Python beginner to an absolute expert! From data representation in Python to debugging – this book has it all!

Link: Data Analysis with Python

Freecodecamp.org started as an organization that wanted to make learning accessible to everyone – hence the name. If you are looking for a course that takes you through everything, then this Data Analysis with Python course is highly recommended. A lot has changed in the world of data science, especially Python, SQL and more.

In this course you’ll learn the absolute basics of becoming a data scientist, from reading your data to using libraries to analyze it and create data visualizations.

With these 5 courses/platforms you’ll be able to take yourself from someone who didn’t have any data science experience to tailoring your CV to apply for your first data science role. Data science continues to be a very popular role and there is no better time to start than now!

Nisha Arya is a freelance data scientist and technical writer. She is particularly interested in providing data science career advice or theory-based learning and knowledge about Data Science. She also wants to explore the various ways in which Artificial Intelligence is/can benefit the longevity of human life. A keen learner looking to expand her technology knowledge and writing skills while helping to lead others.

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