Linden Capital Partners and Ontario Teachers Pension Plan launch initiative focused on advancing clinical research

Linden Capital Partners and Ontario Teachers Pension Plan launch initiative focused on advancing clinical research

The Strategic Initiative aims to revolutionize The Clinical Research Ecosystem for Better Global Health Outcomes

CHICAGO & TORONTO, February 8, 2024–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Linden Capital Partners (Linden) and Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (Ontario Teachers’) are pleased to announce that they are partners in a transformative platform, led by Drs. John Potthoff, with the goal of revolutionizing the clinical research ecosystem. This strategic initiative centers around investing in exceptional companies and deploying cutting-edge technology to foster seamless connections and collaborations between patients, research sites, pharmaceutical companies and the wider clinical research community.

The platform will be led by Dr. John Potthoff, who is currently Chairman of Elligo Health Research®. He has more than 30 years of management and operational experience in the life sciences and pharmaceutical services sectors. Dr. Potthoff has successfully grown and grown businesses as a founder, entrepreneur and CEO.

“We believe our collaboration is a potential game changer for clinical research. We see a significant gap in the industry and believe this strategic alliance will drive significant change and opportunity,” said Dr. Potthoff. “By integrating leading companies and leveraging advanced technologies, we aim to create a cohesive and interconnected clinical research environment. Recognizing the unique needs of each therapeutic and scientific field, we aim to simplify processes, increase efficiency and foster collaborations that all interested parties benefit, especially patients”.

The initiative will be headed by Mrs. Margaret Keegan, an industry veteran with previous executive roles across all clinical development functions at major pharmaceutical companies and CROs, including PPD, IQVIA and PRA Health Sciences. Ms. Keegan is the former Chair of the Board for CDISC (Clinical Data Change Standards Consortium), the clinical research data standards organization, and currently serves as CEO of RQM+. “I am excited to collaborate with Dr. Potthoff, Linden and the teachers of Ontario to realize our shared vision,” said Ms. Keegan. “We recognize the inefficiencies and shortcomings of clinical research services that impact patients, research sites, sponsors and regulators, leading to delays in getting critical therapies to patients in need. Our commitment is to address these challenges head-on and catalyze positive changes in our industry”.

The vision for a unified clinical research ecosystem: The initiative is dedicated to building a more unified and efficient clinical research ecosystem. Through strategic M&A and technology deployment, it will seek to improve collaboration in all aspects of clinical research, from patient engagement through regulatory submissions, ensuring that every stage of the research process is seamlessly connected and optimized.

About Linden Capital Partners

Linden Capital Partners is a Chicago-based private equity firm focused exclusively on the healthcare industry. Founded in 2004, Linden is the largest private equity firm dedicated to healthcare in the country by total capital raised. Linden’s strategy is based on three elements: (i) healthcare specialization, (ii) integrated private equity and operations expertise, and (iii) its differentiated human capital program. Linden invests in mid-market platforms in the medical products, specialty distribution, pharmaceuticals and healthcare services segments. Since its inception, Linden has invested in over 40 healthcare companies involving over 325 total transactions. The firm has approximately $8 billion in regulatory assets under management. For more information, please visit

About Ontario Teachers’

The Ontario Teachers Pension Plan Board is a global investor with net assets of $249.8 billion as of June 30, 2023. We invest in more than 50 countries across a broad range of assets, including public and private equity, fixed income , loans, commodities, natural resources, infrastructure, real estate and business growth to provide retirement income to 336,000 working and retired members.

With offices in Toronto, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mumbai, San Francisco, New York, Dallas and São Paolo, our more than 400 investment professionals bring deep expertise across a wide range of sectors and industries. We are a fully funded defined benefit pension plan and have earned a total net annual return of 9.4% since the plan’s inception in 1990. At Ontario Teachers, we don’t just invest to make a return, we invest to shape a better future for the teachers we serve, the businesses we support and the world we live in. For more information visit and follow us on LinkedIn.

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