Logan Bailly, marginalized by the Union, has already found a new challenge: “It hurts at the time but resentment is useless”

Logan Bailly was already racking up the miles last season. The former Union goalkeeping coach (38 years old) traveled more than 200 kilometers a day between Visé and Lier, where the Brussels training center was located. Previously, the management decided to fire him last April.

From now on, Bailly travels more than 300 kilometers every day to reach Virton (National 1), which he joined last summer. “I spend about 3.5 hours a day on the road, he explains. But I have nothing to complain about because I make my passion my job. “It’s not like I have to drive 300 kilometers to work at a factory or a construction site for eight hours straight.”

Ahead of the duel between his former unionist employer and his favorite Limburg club, Logan Bailly took the time to speak openly about his past, present and future. At the wheel of his car, on the way back from training.

How do you see your time at Union, which lasted nine months last season?

“What dominates is the feeling of pride. What happened happened and our paths separated faster than expected, but I only have good memories from there. We had an exceptional staff around Karel Geraerts and a team with very talented guys. When I think back, I think I still participated with the team in the quarter-finals of the Europa League, in the semi-finals of the European Cup in Belgium and in a race to the top of the championship for much of the season. That will remain. etched on my resume forever.”

Don’t you have some resentment after your dismissal before the end of the season?

“There is no point in having resentment, even if it always hurts in the moment: you invest time and finally they ask you to stop the collaboration before the playoffs. But I will never speak negatively about the Union, it is not part of my personality. “I don’t forget that this club put me in the saddle for the first time in the Belgian D1 and allowed me to demonstrate my qualities.”

Are you surprised by the team’s third consecutive good season?

“I thought this season was going to be more complicated. The club had still lost incredible players like Teuma, Boniface and Nieuwkoop. But the recruitment unit once again did wonders to find players like Amoura. And other guys who are already at the club “They are exploding like Puertas, Nilsson or Machida. When we see that the coach can afford to put a player like Lazare on the bench, we understand the quality that exists in this base.”

Does the Union have the best goalkeeper in Belgium in Anthony Moris?

“He has shown it since his return to D1A. He is a guy who came back from a long road with serious injuries and who fought his way to finally find himself at the top of Belgian football. He is someone who knows how to work quietly and who collects the results. fruits of his work. He is a great architect of the current success of the Union.”

Do you have a goal of returning to work in the Pro League in the short term?

“Frankly, it is impossible to make a career plan. It was already impossible as a player and it remains impossible as a coach. I did not expect to find myself in a top club. D1A when I was in Differdange, Luxembourg. I am currently very happy to be part of It’s a long-term project at Virton and I want to make sure I take the club as high as possible. Then I’ll see how things fit together. In football, there is a difference between what you want and what you manage to do.”

Was it important to find employment again quickly after the end of your Union adventure?

“It still happened a little faster than expected. But it was important to find something because football is what allows me to earn a living. In this environment, it is not easy to find a place overnight in a professional team. We are lucky to do our job full time with professional status in a series with a large majority of amateur clubs. It is a real pride to be part of this club.”

How did you get to Virton?

“The technical director knew me as a player and had heard about me as a goalkeeping coach. Since N’Golo Kanté bought the club, there is a real long-term project. He came to visit the infrastructure and spoke with the team for a few months We feel that he is invested and that he is very involved in the club, he is not just an owner who puts his money without worrying about the rest “The objective is to put Virton, who was at zero or even below zero “The club returns to where “It should be. It is a club with a great past and that deserves a great future.”

How did you experience the transition in a few months from Europa League matches to Nationale 1 matches?

“I manage to put things into perspective quite quickly by telling myself that this is part of the beauty of football and my learning. During my career, I also experienced this coming off the bench in the Champions League or winning titles with Celtic out of work or smaller clubs. I have always known how to adapt. Having been the center of attention during my career has brought me positive but also negative things. I don’t dislike working in the shadows at all; I prefer people to speak well of my tutors than of my tutors . me.”

What’s the word that comes to mind when you think about your career?

“The word ‘pride’. I continued playing professionally in Genk, reached the semi-finals at the Olympic Games and won three titles with Glasgow Celtic. There are not many players who have played almost 400 matches in D1 and 8 matches for the national team, I know Very well, if you talk to someone about me they will always tell you the same thing: “It’s a waste, I could have had a better career.”. But with the ‘ifs’, you start a whole life again… I have no regrets about my past and the good things are as much a part of my career as my mistakes. “No one will take away from me what I experienced as a professional footballer.”

Will Union’s next rival Genk forever remain the club of your heart?

“Yes, it is the team that gave me everything. I experienced everything there, except the title of Belgian champion. Standard will also continue to be a special club. As a Liegean, it is the team you want to play for, just for its fans and for the “The position of the club. When I played in Genk or in the OHL and in Mouscron, I always had the pleasure of going to Sclessin with an atmosphere that gave me goosebumps.”

What is your opinion on the current state of the club?

“It is very sad because Standard is still a team known in Europe and around the world as one of the greatest in Belgium. It pains me to see the state the club is in after a last bad season. Everything has to get back in order because Standard deserves to play in the Champions Playoff every season and nothing more. I have confidence in Ivan Leko, whom I met in the OHL and who is a great coach. I am sure that Standard will get out of its bad streak, The club has everything to succeed.”

How do you assess the conflict between Thibaut Courtois and Domenico Tedesco?

“If Thibaut is fit, we shouldn’t even consider the question of a selection or not. But I don’t know what is happening internally between him and the coach. I can also understand Courtois, who was affected by not receiving the captain’s armband.” . ; Maybe he saw this as disrespectful. We must not forget everything he did during his exceptional career and what he is still doing at Real Madrid. His strength has only grown in recent years. For me, Thibaut is a pillar of the national team and it would be a mistake to do without him. It is partly thanks to him that the Devils manage to perform.”

If you were on the Red Devils roster, would you also have preferred Casteels over Sels for the number one spot?

“There is a luxury situation with several goalkeepers of the highest level. Koen Casteels has been performing at a high level for years at Wolfsburg, which is not just any club. Behind, Sels is also making his way, having recently joined the Premier League. And when I see the young goalkeepers arriving, I don’t worry about this position. Belgium has always been famous for its goalkeepers. and it’s not going to stop anytime soon.”

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