Monster Music celebrates 20 years in business

Monster Music celebrates 20 years in business

If you’re a fan of local music, you’ve likely visited West Ashley’s record store, Monster Music & Movies. Although it opened during a time of declining CD sales, the store has not only survived but thrived over the past 20 years due to a resurgence in popularity in vinyl sales.

The record store represents the essence of what all record collectors have in common: a deep love of music. And for Galen Hudson, the longtime general manager and, as of this year, the store’s new owner, his life’s path has been guided by his love of music.

Hudson said he became a “record freak” while growing up in the 1980s in Chapel Hill, NC.
“I just couldn’t get enough – learning about new artists, new music. It’s this sense of discovery that happens in a record store. When I got out of college, of course, I got a job at a record store,” he said.

When Hudson moved to Charleston in 1993, he began working for Manifest Discs & Tapes, a Columbia-based independent record store chain with five stores in the state.

In 2004, Manifest announced it was closing operations and sold its individual stores. The Charleston store was purchased by Bruce Carlock and Mike Wise, who ran a chain of stores called Cat’s Music. Hudson, who then oversaw three Charleston-area Cat stores, took over at the West Ashley Manifest store — now called Monster Music.

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