My first 2 days using Apple’s Vision Pro at home

My first 2 days using Apple’s Vision Pro at home

I’ve been wearing the Apple Vision Pro on and off for the past day and a half.
Jordan Hart/BI

  • I got my hands on Apple’s $3,500 Vision Pro on Tuesday.
  • It’s a lot to learn, but I already feel like I’m living in the future.
  • Here’s what I think of the Vision Pro so far.

Life in the Apple Vision Pro is hard to describe in words, but something tells me it has the potential to usher in a new normal.

After a few days of living in a mix of virtual and physical reality, I’ve felt a newfound excitement for the future—and a few minor headaches from hours of using the device.

I brought the $3,500 headset home with me on Tuesday after unboxing it at the office. I was already somewhat well-versed in how to control the device — which uses a combination of eye tracking and hand tracking — thanks to Apple’s free demos.

Apple Vision Pro mount, which attaches to a battery pack.
Jordan Hart/BI

For my first day using Vision Pro, I was interested to learn how it could fit into my daily life and the things I love to do. I prioritized streaming movies, shows, and music, but I also made sure to test out its immersion capabilities and its unique FaceTime capabilities.

Immediately, I downloaded the Max streaming apps and logged into Disney+ to relive the movie-watching experience I enjoyed so much during my demo.

I’ll be writing more about my experiences with the Vision Pro in the coming days, but here’s what I’m most excited about so far — and the things I’d like to see Apple improve.

Socializing is fun inside Vision Pro.

My mom volunteered to be one of the first to see my animated Persona.
Jordan Hart/Business Insider

While on a FaceTime call with my mom, I was able to share what I saw through the Vision Pro.

It was nice to give her a taste of what the headset has to offer, otherwise I would have been stuck explaining, “It’s like an iPad with floating screens.”

Talking to my loved ones WITHIN the headset felt more satisfying than using it for more solitary activities or trying to communicate with people OUTSIDE of the headphones that were nearby. It was quite isolating to have to enjoy a movie or game alone while my friends watched from the same room.

The diving is breathtaking.

Jordan Hart/Business Insider

The diving capabilities of the Vision Pro have amazed me since I first put it on. At any moment, I can use the digital crown switch — which is similar to the dial you’d see on an Apple Watch — to be in a mixed reality experience or fully immersed in a natural environment. .

As a movie lover, I loved entering a dark theater every now and then to watch my favorite titles. The Vision Pro may have a steep price tag for a headset, but $3,500 is certainly cheaper than building a home theater.

The apps left me wanting more.

I’m waiting for the App Store to have more options.
Jordan Hart/BI

For me, the biggest failure was the App Store.

Netflix is ​​one of my go-to apps for watching shows, but the streaming giant has yet to create an app for Vision Pro, so you’re stuck using Safari whenever you want to use it.

Not only was Netflix missing from the App Store, but many of the apps I use in my daily life. I was disappointed that my searches didn’t turn up many results.

Disney+, Max, and Fruit Ninja are some of the few apps I’ve been using consistently over the past few days.

But, that may not be the case for long. YouTube is already planning to offer an app for Vision Pro. I’m eager to see if a race to the App Store ensues, not unlike the launch of the original iPhone, as the buzz continues to grow around the headset.

Apple has my attention

After my first two days in the headset, the Apple Vision Pro feels promising and I’m still learning everything it has to offer.

So far, I can see it revolutionizing technology in our homes, but it definitely takes some getting used to. After all, you have a computer on your face.

But Apple is onto something here. Stay tuned.

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