National: despite their numerical superiority, Olympique de Nîmes misses the victory against Dijon

In 11 against 10 for more than half an hour, the Crocos had the match point on Friday night in Dijon: a penalty that Sané missed…

Eleven against ten for thirty-four minutes, Olympique de Nîmes failed to defeat Dijon, on Friday, March 29, when they had the opportunity: Sané missed the penalty that could (should) give them the victory and allow them to escape the relegation zone . Despite the point achieved, the crocodiles team fell one place in the standings, although they are still one point behind the first team that has not been relegated. For maintenance, it will be very hot.

Clumsy foul by Mexico

Quite close and balanced, although Dijon had created some situations (4, 11, 28, 31), this meeting between former Ligue 1 players was resolved with a set piece. Paradowski deflected, but not enough, a corner. In the area, Nassi recovered the ball and was clumsily off-balanced by Mexico. A blessing for Ben Fredj who, with his left foot, scored his fourth goal, the third from a penalty (1-0, 33).

The datasheet

Gaston-Gérard sports park.
My time : 1-0.
Referee: Brendan Roffet.
Public: 4 714.
Dijon goal: Ben Fredj (33rd sp).
Nimes goal: Picouleau (46e).
Warnings in Dijon: Married (21), Risser (82).
Warning in Nîmes: Mendy (85e).
Expulsion to Dijon: Ben Fredj (56th).
DIJON: Risser – Ariss, Drouhin, Temanfo, Makutungu – Casado (cap.) (Chahid, 68th), Etoga – Nassi (Souici, 61st), Schur (Irié, 68th; N’Chobi, 77th) , Fdaouch (A. Fofana, 77th) ) ) – Ben Fredj.
NIMES: Paradowski – Labonne (Paviot, 25e), Diouf, Mendy (cap.), Burner – Mexique, Doukansy, Picouleau (Laurens, 78e) – Thoumin (Camara, 67e), Mbina (Sané, 67e), Mbemba.

The handbrake in first gear.

Infuriating. The DFCO, out of gas and technically feverish, had had possession, but Nîmes had not found itself particularly deficient until then, despite Doukansy’s sometimes too high position, which left him space.

Offensively, the Crocos, who played “with the handbrake” (Diouf), did not have much to analyze. However, they had the first real chance: a Thoumin opening for Mbina, who unfortunately sent his shot through the roof (5th). Another nice move: a little jumper from Mbemba over Etoga, Mbemba entering the area and, instead of trying to shoot, dueling with Drouhin, before going down. Nothing according to Mr. Roffet, who was certainly right, since the attacker on loan from Dunkirk was hardly offended (23rd).

Picouleau equalizes after the restart

Tactically repositioned, with Picouleau one step higher and closer to Mbina, Nîmes had the good idea to tie in their third action, since the restart. Burner’s cross is headed by Mbina, hitting the crossbar. Picouleau continued and, from close range, deceived Risser, taking advantage of the passivity of the DFCO defense (1-1, 46). How important was this fourth goal from the former Valenciennes player! Ten minutes later, Ben Fredj was sent off, after allowing Mendy to be dragged by his foot.

“We sank, Benoît Tavenot, the DFCO coach, made no secret of it, but we knew how to recover so as not to lose.” In numerical superiority, Nîmes could gain several meters and play more often on the Burgundian field. Without really managing to bring the danger to the area, Mbemba’s recovery, after a cross from Paviot, did not worry Risser (72nd) and Sané’s powerful shot, in full axis, shooting well above after being deflected in passing ( 74th). “Recurring problem, we are not “killers” in front of goal,” repeated Frédéric Bompard.

Paradowski avoids defeat with a last Burgundian shot

As in the first half, there was only one set piece to turn the game around. Like Dijon, the Crocos inherited their penalty, Sané, after resisting Makutungu, impaling himself on Risser, who made the mistake. And he made up for it by stopping the Senegalese forward’s shot (was it his turn to shoot?) and pushing behind Laurens’ attempt (83rd).
The Nimes team had let victory slip away and Paradowski avoided defeat by repelling a shot from N’Chobi (88th).

“Il already forced des regrets, plus que vendredi dernier (1-1 face à Marignane-Gignac) mais j’ai vu le visage d’une équipe que a envie, a conclu Bompard. Les résultats ne nous sont pas favorable mais je guard the hope.”

Labonne had to quickly leave the field (25th). A priori, he only suffers from a crutch. Picouleau was substituted because he had pain in his ischium (78º).

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