Neurosis singer Scott Kelly retires from music and admits abuse

Scott Kelly, lead singer of California metal band Neurosis, has shared a statement admitting abuse and announcing his retirement from music.

Kelly, who has fronted Neurosis for more than 30 years and collaborated extensively with Mastodon and more, said he is now “100% permanently retired from being a professional musician”.

The Facebook statement began: “Due to recent events, I feel I need to address some rumors and set the record straight. Over the past several years I have been involved in the emotional, financial, verbal and physical abuse of my wife and younger children. When I became paranoid that people would find out, I found ways to keep my wife and children from work and school and created rifts with friends and family members. I became obsessed with control and used threats, manipulation, threats of self-harm and suicide, inflicted physical harm on people and their reputations to maintain that control.

“When I found out my wife was going to leave, I tried to convince her and others that I was crazy and seeing things and that I didn’t know what I was doing. She tried to help me with therapy and a psychiatrist. My lies and deceptions crumbled in front of the professionals. When my wife finally tried to leave, I stalked and harassed her day and night and made her and our youngest live in a constant state of fear. I’ve lied or told half-truths to so many people that I can’t keep track of them.

Kelly added: “I don’t want to lie about any of this anymore. I love my wife endlessly. She is the best person I know. She is extremely honest, loving and kind to her core. This letter is a massive oversimplification of the irreparable harm I have caused and the unforgivable things I have done to her and our children. Saying more in this public forum would not help anyone.

“As the truth is beginning to emerge, there have been people who have tried to blame my wife for abusing me to get me out and people who have spread ridiculous and damaging rumors about her. This is dirty. She deserves so much better. If you are adopting this mentality or spreading these rumours, you need to stop. I have some serious issues I’m dealing with and I’ve separated myself from anyone associated with my public life so I can focus on my toxic shit.”

Due to recent events, I feel I should address some rumors and set the record straight. For the past…

Posted by Scott Kelly on Saturday, August 27, 2022

The statement continued: “When my wife has been kind enough to answer questions about my absence, she has faced crazy accusations. Recently it was such a dirty situation that it required immediate action on my part to set the record straight. My wife absolutely speaks for me in my absence and I have already said that she is extremely honest. If you don’t want the truth, definitely don’t ask questions. Furthermore, it is never appropriate to approach or question our children.”

Kelly went on to describe being a musician and living his life on stage as “the worst decision I could have made in the way I am,” adding, “I’ve been hiding behind undue attention, respect and adoration. I used my social position to directly and indirectly manipulate you all and hide my family abuse. I took pleasure in my deception and perceived control of all involved. I am 100% permanently retired from it being a professional musician.”

The statement concluded: “Some people can be in a scene like this where there is no accountability and maintain their integrity. I can not. My sole focus for the rest of my life is to take care of my family, allowing them safe space to heal and rebuild their faith. I hope this will protect my wife from further attacks and finally allow my family some peace.”

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