New song ‘Dance With Everybody’, Moon River Music Festival

In the not-too-distant past, when Drew Holcomb (and most other Nashville musicians) were kept off the road thanks to COVID-19, the popular singer-songwriter sat down with another grounded musician — Old Crow’s Ketch Secor. Medicine Show — to write a song.

Holcomb and Secor have known each other for years, as their children go to the same school in East Nashville. They started talking about what they missed from concerts and live audiences. For Holcomb, it was the feeling of “all in this together.”

“You look around the room and it’s alien everywhere,” he explains to The Tennessean. “You don’t know everyone’s story.”

This lit a spark under the two music makers and within hours they wrote Dance With Everybody.

“When the band hits, by the end of the night, the strangers won’t stop,” Holcomb belts out over a constantly pounding drum. “I want to dance with everyone who walked out that door.”

The festive, stomp-and-holler single was released on Friday and is the first glimpse of a new round of recordings made by Holcomb and his longtime band, The Neighbors.

It also includes Utah band The National Parks, who will join Holcomb and the Neighbors on a month-long tour starting in September. But just before that run, Holcomb has another job to tackle: he’s organizing his own music festival.

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