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The newest telecom player offers exceptional connectivity by bringing “true 5G” to consumers

The term “next generation technology” never fails to fire the imagination of many consumers today, considering the unstoppable parade of progress and the emergence of new innovations around the world. With this, brands and companies have abused and misused the term to make their solutions and services look and feel advanced and attractive to consumers.

However, in telecommunications, the term “next generation technology” makes more sense when a solution or service brings real value to its users. Thus, DITO Telecommunity, the third largest telecommunications player in the country, defines “next generation technology” by summing it up in two words: new connectivity.

Through the new connection, DITO’s next-generation technology offering is bringing responsive and real-value services to its customers by providing them with clearer, faster and more optimized connections that leverage digital class infrastructures and technologies. world.

Real 5G: What makes the SA 5G network different?

DITO is continuously developing and deploying its 5G (SA) network across the country. While other telcos preceded DITO in introducing 5G to consumers, DITO is debuting its service as 5G Standalone (SA), meaning its architecture is 5G from the ground up. DITO, as a new telecom player, requires more time and resources to prepare and deploy its network to bring “real 5G” to consumers.

“Since we started our rollout in 2019, we have been developing our (SA) 5G network. Our goal has been to allow Filipinos to experience next-generation technology and we at DITO are excited to bring 5G to more areas in the country to truly transform digital connectivity and online interactions,” added DITO Chief Technology Officer Rodolfo Santiago.

Other providers are deploying non-standalone 5G (NSA), where their 5G architecture is aided by their existing 4G infrastructure, and this explains why they were able to launch 5G first in the country. However, DITO’s 5G SA is better than 5G NSA as it brings extremely low latency and facilitates a wider range of use cases for new devices. In other words, stand-alone 5G is “real 5G”

To ensure the delivery of successful connectivity that is true to its definition, DITO has prescribed among its customers the use of several smartphones that maximize the features and benefits of the telecom’s 5G SA service. DITO has published a list of DITO compatible smartphones from various manufacturers on its official website, so consumers can have several options to choose from. They can also try DITO 5G Home WiFi, their fastest internet yet, with speeds up to 853.85 Mbps available in select areas nationwide.

The right smartphone

Among the list, tech experts recommend consumers to use 5G smartphones as they are designed to take full advantage of the latest 5G mobile standard. Much better than the old 3G and 4G networks, DITO’s 5G network offers wider coverage, greater capacity and faster internet connection speeds. 5G is 20 times faster than 4G, so downloading movies and music albums on DITO takes just seconds.

Just as 5G networks are classified in SA or NSA, 5G smartphones are classified in a similar way. 5G NSA smartphones can support 5G NSA networks but not 5G SA networks. If DITO’s 5G SA network is available in your area, such devices may appear connecting to it, but they will default to 4G mode.

5G SA smartphones or dual-mode 5G smartphones, meanwhile, are designed to fully support 5G SA networks. These devices can connect to DITO’s 5G SA network and can take advantage of all its benefits. Expect DITO to add more dual-mode 5G smartphones to the list of supported devices in the coming months.

As 5G smartphones are becoming more and more ubiquitous in the market today, this means that DITO customers don’t necessarily have to shell out for an expensive device just to experience the new connectivity. DITO’s list of recommended smartphones includes entry-level, mid-range and flagship models to allow all market segments to reap the benefits of next-generation technology.


In addition to fast and reliable Internet access, DITO’s exceptional connectivity, along with recommended smartphones, is also offering consumers other useful innovations, including video over LTE and voice over LTE. DITO prides itself as a telecommunications company in the Philippines that offers ViLTE and VoLTE to consumers.

VoLTE allows users to make clear calls while enjoying fast data connectivity over LTE and long battery life. Meanwhile, ViLTE enables users to make video calls without the need to use a mobile video calling app. Each ViLTE call is charged as regular DITO-to-DITO calls. To use ViLTE, users simply need to call a DITO number with a ViLTE-compatible smartphone and switch to video calling mode.

Committed to bringing a new connection to Filipino consumers, DITO Telecommunity is continuing to expand its coverage across the Philippines. DITO coverage is now available in over 600 cities and over 90,000 sales channels throughout Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, including 24 DITO Experience Stores nationwide.

To learn more about the new areas covered by DITO and the new equipment recommended to maximize its network, visit the company’s official website, Facebook page, I tweet and Instagram accounts.



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