Osasuna deflates the Pepe Mel effect with a rout


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This Saturday, Atlético Osasuna radically deflated (0-3) the recovery effect that Pepe Mel seemed to give in his debut on the Almería bench, when on the previous day the Andalusians won in Las Palmas (0-1) his first LaLiga match, but on this occasion the bottom player returned to the harsh reality.

A goal from José Arnáiz before the second minute of play was over, another from Croatian Ante Budimir at nine and a third from Iker Muñoz, after the hour mark, put an incontestable 0-3 for Jagoba Arrasate’s team.

Thus, Osasuna scored a fair victory against a UD Almería that forgot to do what it had done even in the games in which it ended up being defeated, which were almost all of them, because it was a weak team from the beginning and ended up in the hands of a red team that took advantage of all the favors to get ahead.

Although there was a gap at the start of the second half for the locals, the mistake caused Pepe Mel’s men to fall, who were a toy in the hands of a rival team that did all the damage they wanted.

The first half left the game resolved because Almería had the majority of games this season. He made mistakes, today’s serious ones, because they meant a lot of damage for the team and an advantage for Osasuna who knew how to do what they had to.

Only a minute had passed when Moncayola put a ball to the wing to ‘divide’ the red and white defenseThe ball fell to Areso and his cross went to José Arnaiz, almost alone at the penalty spot, which put the rojillo team ahead.

With hardly any reaction time, only a shot from Marezi over the crossbar, the second error was on the red and white team, but also with a ball that went over the baseline. It all started in the ninth minute, on a ball given by Radovanovic that seemed to go over the baseline, although it was cleared by Maximiano. The ball fell to Moncayola who assisted Budimir so that he, alone in the area, could gain more of an advantage.

Pepe Mel tried it with changes, bringing in Leo Baptistao and Adrián Embarba instead of Sergio Arribas and Marezi. There was more red and white arrival, but the same completion, which was null, with arrivals that did not work out, while in the 61st minute, Iker Muñoz, who took advantage of a header from Catena who dropped the ball after a cross from the right, making it 0-3.

The first shot between the home team’s three posts was from Adrián Embarba, as a result of a free kick that Sergio Herrera sent to a corner kick, an isolated play against an Osasuna that should not have forced much more and that could have increased the differences in an action that Rubén Peña narrowly missed.

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