The former Executive Director of the Pan American Games Lima 2019 analyzes his country’s victory in the recent elections of the host city of the Pan American Games 2027 and is optimistic about the success of the continental event.

He admitted that the biggest challenge will be improving transport and says the Games “will be unforgettable”.

When the Peruvian delegation arrived at the Panam Sports Extraordinary General Assembly in Miami, the presence of an “old friend” of the Pan American Family surprised those present. None other than Carlos Neuhaus, former Executive Director and President of the Local Organizing Committee of the Lima 2019 Games, was in the meeting room.

“I came to help with whatever is necessary so that, hopefully, the Pan American Games can return to Lima in 2027,” Neuhaus said.

When the president of Panam Sports announced Lima as the winning city, there was joy in the General Assembly and one of the people who was congratulated the most was Carlos Neuhaus.

It’s been 10 days since that historic moment for Peruvian sport and more than 4 and a half years since this prominent Peruvian entrepreneur rose to fame for leading the successful Pan American Games Lima 2019. Panam Sports caught up with him to get his impressions. from the triumph, how Lima is preparing for this new challenge and above all what it needs to improve for the 2027 multisport festival.

“The victory was something very exciting, as it was not exclusively thanks to the work that was done a month ago as soon as we found out that the tender process was open; it was a product of what was done in Lima 2019. This makes me very happy and very committed to what is coming now for all of Peru. The race with Paraguay’s Asuncion was good and healthy, as it should always be,” said Carlos Neuhaus.

It has been more than 4 years since the Great Games were hosted by Peru….how has the legacy of Lima 2019 been managed?

We are very concerned about legacy. The legacy of the Games is the most important thing because the Games have to prepare for tomorrow as well, not just to fulfill the commitment of the event, and we did that. This helped us a lot to win against Asuncion, as all the facilities are in perfect and functional conditions.

What are the aspects that Lima needs to improve for 2027?

The challenge of Lima is in the city. The Mayor has understood this perfectly and fortunately has already taken the resources. Important is the improvement that the city needs. I believe that people will cooperate a lot, as was the case in the previous Pan American Games, when the Peruvians were very anxious to show their best faces to our brother countries. I think if there’s one thing we’re known for, it’s being good hosts and treating our guests well. In this sense, there are definitely many issues to improve, because no city should stand still, but Lima will move and show the outside world that we are really prepared and that we will work hard to make the 2027 Pan American Games unforgettable.

One of the most difficult issues in 2019 was definitely transportation and traffic in the city. What will Lima do to solve this issue?

Yes, you are eligible for shipping. Metro line two, which runs from East to West, will be very useful. Traffic in Lima is being rationalized; Road corridors are being built and in that sense I believe people will notice. I think the citizens of Lima will understand it and we will improve traffic and road culture. We have enough time to change and improve in these aspects, which, if you see, were all resolved during the Pan American Games, but there is room to do better.

There is talk of 300 million and a fraction of the budget for 2027. Is this correct based on your experience?

Budgeting is like anything else, it’s an estimate of what could be. The big advantage is that we know what needs to be done and we already know the costs. We already have the details of the things that are needed and, in that sense, this is the budget that we have come up with. It could be a little less, it could be a little more, but I want to make it clear that in Lima 2019 we had a saving of about 300 million in relation to the initial budget. These savings were mainly in the works, but also in the Ceremony, which cost much less than the ceremonies of the previous mega events.

You were the Executive Director in 2019. What will be your position and responsibility for these new Games?

I was the Executive Director and Chairman of the Organizing Committee. I don’t really know what my position will be for 2027, I don’t think it will be an executive position, but what I know for sure is that I will always be on the side of the Pan American Games and to make things happen good. You will see me nearby. As I did now, when we won the election, I worked side by side with the Olympic Committee, with Legacy and with the City of Lima and the necessary stakeholders, and I will continue to do so for my country and for these wonderful games. .

What can athletes and NOCs expect from the 2027 Pan American Games?

Our motto for the presentation was “We all win”. The idea is that not only Peru will win, but also all the countries of the Americas participating in these Games, which I’m sure will be great. The big challenge for us is to overcome ourselves and I will collaborate to make it happen, wherever I am, and in this sense, I am very happy that this is a recognition of everything that has been done in Lima 2019. The places are all ready and functional; we will be hosting several international championships this year and probably in the coming years as well. Therefore, I am very happy and I want to thank all of you at Panam Sports and the Olympic Committees who supported us and those who did not.

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