PopHealthCare and Emcara Health Partner with Martin’s Point Health Care to Enhance Care for Seniors in Its 5-Star Medicare Advantage Plan

FRANKLIN, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PopHealthCare and its national value-based medical group, Emcara Health, today announced a partnership with Martin’s Point to provide comprehensive health assessments and risk adjustment services to more than 58,000 members of Generations Advantage, the organization’s plan Medicare Advantage for Seniors in Maine and New Hampshire.

“We are extremely proud to have achieved the highest Medicare Advantage ratings in the state for the past 10 years and are committed to providing the best care experience for every patient and member we serve,” said Andrew Hostetter, Vice President , Data Analytics & Risk. Martin’s point fix. “Emcara Health’s comprehensive home health assessment allows us to consider the socioeconomic factors that affect our members’ health, while PopHealthCare’s risk adjustment analytics solution ensures that we accurately reimburse the care we provide.”

PopHealthCare offers a fully integrated approach to care delivery, risk adjustment and quality improvement. Specializing in serving regional and community-based health plans, the company supports health plans to retrieve medical records, review clinical content and ensure accurate coding of members’ medical conditions. Emcara Health, a subsidiary of PopHealthCare, provides comprehensive health assessments to members in person and virtually, uncovering and helping to resolve care gaps as well as issues related to the Social Determinants of Health.

“Martin’s Point Generations Advantage is the highest-rated Medicare Advantage plan in its region and is one of 21 organizations to receive a 5-star rating nationwide, in part because of its commitment to providing innovative experiences care that meet the unique needs of its members,” said. Eric Galvin, CEO of PopHealthCare and Emcara Health. “This is an increasingly important factor for seniors who have more health insurance options to choose from than ever before and increasingly want to age in place.”

To learn more about the partnership with PopHealthCare and Emcara Health, please contact Allison Unger, Chief Sales Officer at [email protected].

About Emcara Health

Emcara Health is at the forefront of providing a proven model for home care solutions. With a passionate team of dedicated healthcare experts, we improve the quality of life for vulnerable populations with health challenges across urban and rural communities. Our integrated suite of home care solutions includes advanced primary care, complex care management and treatment, care transitions and annual home assessments. Our physician-led multidisciplinary care teams deliver industry-leading results across the four-fold goal of healthcare delivery – patient experience, quality, lower cost of care and joy at work. Part of PopHealthCare (a GuideWell company), Emcara Health is one of the nation’s leading value-based medical groups focused on the mission of reimagining how healthcare is delivered. For more information, visit www.emcarahealth.com.

About PopHealthCare

At PopHealthCare, we believe that healthcare should be personal. For us, that means providing care to those who need it most, where they will be best able to achieve their health goals – at home or where they live. With 23 clients in 19 states, PopHealthCare offers a fully integrated approach to care delivery, risk regulation and quality improvement, serving the highest risk populations with unwavering dedication and commitment. We are proud to be part of the GuideWell family of companies, transforming care delivery through innovative new care models that deliver superior health outcomes for patients. Visit www.pophealthcare.com for more information.

About Martin Point Healthcare

Martin’s Point Health Care is a nonprofit organization based in Portland, Maine. Martin’s Point offers primary and specialty care at their health care centers in Southern Maine and Portsmouth, New Hampshire. They also offer Medicare Advantage plans in Maine and New Hampshire and TRICARE Prime health plans serving military retirees and active duty military families in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York and Pennsylvania. Visit www.MartinsPoint.org for more.

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