Red Bull RB20 design cues emerge as ‘common features’ spotted on F1 2024 car: PlanetF1

Red Bull RB20 design cues emerge as ‘common features’ spotted on F1 2024 car: PlanetF1

Former Haas star Romain Grosjean believes RB’s 2024 F1 car has given a “good idea” of what the new Red Bull RB20 will look like.

Red Bull’s junior team unveiled their 2024 car in Las Vegas earlier this week, with the Faenza-based outfit rebranded ahead of the new season.

The changes to the former AlphaTauri squad go far beyond identity, with the team forging closer ties with flagship Red Bull outfit – the reigning Constructors’ champions and winners of all but one race last season – for 2024.

Red Bull RB20 design leaked?

The new deal has been compared to Haas’ relationship with Ferrari, which allows the American team to use as many Ferrari-built parts as is allowed under F1 regulations, with the new-look RB outfit expected to enjoy a much-improved season as result. .

Grosjean, who spent five seasons with Haas between 2016 and 2020, believes the deeper technical partnership is already evident in the design of the new RB – and believes the car offers clear indications of the potential design of the RB20.

Appearing via his YouTube channel, Grosjean said of the RB team: “It’s a long name, but it’s also a pretty cool style with a lot of paintings. recommends

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“I really like this. I think we’ve seen a lot of cars that use carbon and we definitely see the color in it.

“Faenza has always been developing and designing their car for a long time, but I think now they will be closer to a Red Bull from last year.

“If you really compare Red Bull from 2023 and that [RB] from 2024, there is a lot of commonality and I think it is entirely reasonable for the Faenza team to use what the big brother team Red Bull has been doing over the last few years.

“They’ve been ‘development’ cars and it’s a very common sponsor, a very common team owner, so it makes 100 per cent sense to me that they would use as much as they can of what Milton Keynes- based team is doing.

“If we look at the front wing, there are some similarities; if we look at the lateral nodes, there are many similarities; if we look at the back of the car, there are many similarities; if we look at the back wing, the same thing.

“They’ve taken a lot of inspiration from Red Bull and they can do that because they use the same gearbox, they use the same engine – so they have the same cooling requirements – and obviously that’s something they’ve done well.

“If we compare the 2023 and 2024 car, we can see that the design of the front wing has changed a bit, although there are some similarities.

“The nose has remained the same. They switched from push rods to pull rods [suspension] – again, this is a Red Bull feature – [and] the side pillar inlet has been completely redesigned, the rear wing as well.

“From the side, we can really see that very specific side wing design from Red Bull with the front of the side wing super high, very small intake and then trying to get a lot of air under it, and in the back trying to have great slip that goes down to the rear diffuser.

“It’s very much an inspiration from Red Bull from last year, but again I think it’s the right thing to do.

“It was the fastest car on the track, they use a lot of similar components – so why not when you can?

“I think it gives us a good idea of ​​what Red Bull can be this year.

“Some of the characteristics are a bit different, a bit more extreme, but I think Daniel Ricciardo and Yuki Tsunoda should have a good car for the year.”

Red Bull will become the latest team to launch their 2024 car next week, with the RB20 to be revealed on Thursday.

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