Reduce stress by exercising before starting the day

Reduce stress by exercising before starting the day

The stress and demands of everyday life can cause our bodies and minds to endure varying degrees of stress. Coming into work for an eight- to 10-hour shift, putting out fires at your job, watching over our children’s progress in a school, or navigating the complicated maze of financial logistics to support ourselves and the people we care about are intense cramps that are commonly experienced. Needless to say, we put ourselves in a difficult situation in order to be the most productive and successful versions of ourselves.

Along with the demands of everyday life, our bodies produce chemicals that circulate through our blood in response to rigorous mental and physical situations. Better known as stress hormones, these chemical messengers increase our heart rate and blood pressure, excite our nervous system and relay the message to our mind to be more alert to function in fast-paced environments. As our body copes with stressful situations, our heart rate increases, we become restless, and we may start to sweat a little. This reaction is caused by stressful stimuli that we perceive so that our body can react to a stressful environment.

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Stress hormones such as epinephrine and adrenaline are known for their ability to increase heart rate and blood pressure to stimulate a person’s ability to move faster. These stress hormones can get a bad reputation. Increases in heart rate and blood pressure are negligible when comparing these two variables to the healthy standards of having a resting heart rate of about 60 to 100 beats per minute and having a blood pressure of 120 mmHg systolic over 80 mmHg diastolic. However, an increase in heart rate and blood pressure are beneficial under the right circumstances.

When the body is prompted to move in a way that requires a higher exercise capacity than sitting, standing, or leisurely walking, a strong and efficient heart rate along with a steady flow of blood through the arteries and our veins is optimal when we exercise physically. body like moving heavy objects, walking up and down stairs or running with our children. When the muscles of our body enter a physical state of exercise, they require oxygen and energy to move. If our heart sends an adequate supply of oxygenated blood to the working muscle, the muscle will continue to work efficiently. Therefore, increased physical work equates to an increased heart rate so that blood flow circulates to and from the working skeletal muscle. In this case, a stimulation of the heart rate and the neuromuscular system caused by an increase in stress hormones benefits the body.

Conversely, stress hormones can be suboptimal for our health. What happens if our body perceives stressful stimuli from an unfortunate financial situation, our children are sent home from school for scolding, or we enter into a heated conversation with a colleague at work? You can bet our heart rate will increase a few beats per minute, we may get angry or a little excited, and a lot of energy will be spent thinking about these unfortunate situations. In this example, stress hormones are produced by a psychological and emotional stimulus, while the muscles in the body work very little, if at all. The result of such a stressful situation creates an overabundance of stress hormones that can make us feel physically exhausted when all we did was think about an unfortunate event that made us feel angry, excited, or anxious. . Enduring the rest of the day in a mentally exhausted state from a stressful situation is an undesirable situation.

Fortunately, the body has the ability to adapt and arm itself against psychological and emotional disturbances when the body is in optimal physical condition. When we enter a period of exercise that includes routines that require the body to move beyond its comfortable range of motion, manipulate more limb mass than it is used to, or endure a constant rhythm of aerobic stress, natural adaptations to a source physical stress. from exercises occur. As an adaptation to continuous exercise, the body has the potential to manage the production of stress hormones efficiently without becoming stressed during exercise. This adaptation continues during sedentary periods when we sit down to work, talk on the phone, or interact with people even after exercise. Therefore, if we train our bodies by exercising routinely at a moderate intensity, we can train our bodies to endure stressful psychological and emotional situations that occur through social interactions.

We recommend that our personal training clients exercise before the hustle and bustle of everyday life occurs. In other words, it’s beneficial for stress reduction to set aside time to exercise before you go to work, pick up your kids from school, or before the executive decision-making via emails, texts, and phone calls begins. If we can get a period of exercise or recreational physical activity in before the real demands of life begin, we will use up most of those stress hormones from our exercise routine and the likelihood of having a stressful situation alter our well-being is greater. small.

Give yourself the gift of exercise and take the hardest part out of your day by exercising in the morning or before the work day. By doing so, you will have a powerful tool to help you thrive in your daily life.

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