Revolutionizing water decontamination with plasma technology

Revolutionizing water decontamination with plasma technology

Plasma jet water art concept

Plasma technology has revolutionized electronics manufacturing and water treatment, providing sustainable solutions to modern challenges through innovative reactor designs. Credit:

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Plasma is an ionized gas – that is, a gas containing electrons, ions, atoms, molecules, radicals and photons. It is often called the fourth state of matter and, amazingly, it permeates everything. Plasmas, which are artificially generated by transmitting energy to a gas, are found in the fluorescent tubes that light up kitchens, but they have also allowed cell phones to get smaller and smaller.

Plasma in technology

Plasma has been a real revolution in the world of technology. Previously, to etch circuits on the silicon wafers used in electronic devices such as mobile phones, it was necessary to use polluting chemical products. Now, the use of plasma has made it possible to do this more cleanly and precisely, making it possible to make the slits smaller and smaller and with them the devices.

Environmental applications of plasma

But plasma also has other applications, such as water treatment. The groups FQM-136 Physics of Plasmas and FQM-346 Organic Catalysis and Nanostructured Materials at the University of Córdoba collaborated in a research study whose goal was to eliminate pollutants present in water by applying plasma to promote chemical processes.

With the aim of addressing the problem of the increasing presence of organic pollutants in waters, such as dyes and other compounds from agricultural and industrial activity in waters that destabilize ecosystems, these researchers chose the application of plasma.

Francisco J. Romero, Juan Amaro, and Maria C. García

Researchers Francisco J. Romero, Juan Amaro and Maria C García. Credit: University of Córdoba

Progress in Water Decontamination

In 2017 they demonstrated, for the first time, that argon plasmas induced by open air microwaves, when acting on water, generated jets in it.

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