Safe drinking games to play during Super Bowl 58

Safe drinking games to play during Super Bowl 58

What’s the Super Bowl without a good Super Bowl drinking game? Good food, good company, and good, safe entertainment are available to many viewers as they prepare for Super Bowl 58.

Just because the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers are set to play in the biggest game of the year, doesn’t mean they have to be the only ones taking part in the festivities today. Below we’ll go over some drinking games that you and your friends can play along with the Super Bowl as the action unfolds.

Super Bowl 2024 Safe Drinking Games

Perhaps as important as the food spread is the beverage of choice and the game you’ll be playing during the action. After settling into your seat on the couch with a nice plate of wings and pizza, it’s time to wind down and get lost in a good Super Bowl drinking game.

However, a tip is to limit drinking with mentions of Taylor Swift as you may find yourself groggy and confused when you wake up in the morning.

Super Bowl Bingo

This is a classic and should be fairly easy to set up. The rules are simple. Create or find a Super Bowl related bingo card online and hand it out to your guests. Every time you see a celebrity, drink. Every time Christian McCaffrey scores a touchdown, drink. So on and so forth, you get it.

It’s a classic game to keep your eyes and ears open for the action while still being able to enjoy some grown-up drinks.

Super Bowl 2024 drinking games related words

This can be as vague or complex as you want it to be, and these are just suggestions and ideas to add or remove. Either way, it’s a surefire way to get the juices flowing and have a good time.

We would recommend that you write them down somewhere and have them handy so you don’t forget.

Take a sip…

  • When Taylor Swift is mentioned
  • When Patrick Mahomes’ legacy is mentioned
  • When they mention a flight from Japan to Las Vegas
  • When they talk about unimportant zI
  • When they say “game manager”
  • When they mention the word “dynasty”
  • When they tell you it’s “a big third down”
  • When they mention Andy Reid and possible retirement

Finish your drink…

  • If Travis Kelce proposed to Taylor Swift
  • Brittany or Jackson Mahomes are shown or mentioned
  • When they show Jason Kelce (crack another one if his shirt is off)
  • When they mention or show the clip of Andy Reid in his Punt, Pass and Kick contest

Super Bowl Flip Cup

Divide your party into teams of two, pour a few drinks of your choice into the cup and let the two teams race to finish your drink, then place it right side up and use your finger on the edge of the table to turn the cup and sitting on the opposite side with the open side down.

Nothing gets the competitive juices flowing like a small 3v3 or 5v5 cup. You can even designate one team as the Chiefs and the other as the 49ers and see who can come out on top based on the action at your party.

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Mind you – it gets loud and it can get messy, but it’s the Super Bowl so JOLO right?

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