Saints Row (2022): How to unlock every secret car | Parts Locations Guide

Get your hands on Saints Row’s wildest rides.

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Want the weirdest cars in Row of Saints? You have to earn them by completing Lost wheels secret quest – throughout the badlands, there are strange scrap windmills. Parts are located in each of them and if you find five parts from the same set, you will win a special secret vehicle. And these vehicles are truly stunning works of art. There are jet cars with rockets, pirate ships on wheels, cars made of tin foil and more. There are six cars to unlock, and my personal favorite is the unstoppable monster truck. You absolutely won’t want to miss these.

Check out the screenshots below to see where you can find them all 30 wheels lost locations. We also have a gallery that displays all vehicles. They are truly masterpieces of absurdity.

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Secret Vehicles | Discoveries of lost wheels

There they are 6 secret vehicles you can unlock – they are Finding lost wheels marked locations. Investigate the kinetic windmill sculpture to get a part. These are easy to find at night. Look for a dim blue flashing light to reach them easily.

I highly recommend using one helicopter. Many of these places can only be reached from above – a helicopter makes it much easier collect all 30. We will divide the locations by region. Check the maps and go to symbols of windmills.

  • Unlocking the lost wheel:
    • Marine Parts: The Ghost of the Dutch Fried
    • Missile parts: Vindicator rocket car
    • Sheet metal parts: Potatoes with tin foil
    • Dustlander parts: Lost Dust Buggy
    • Bone parts: Heavyweight monster truck
    • Bandaged parts: Widowmaker Bike

North Desert Rangers | Car parts locations

Starting from the westernmost part, we will travel east collecting parts.

  • Part 1: Bone Piece – In the west of the region, near the Monte Vista border.
  • Part 2: The bandaged part – Just east of the previous part, on top of a hill.
  • Part #3: Bone Piece – Southeast, on a small island in the lake.
  • Part #4: Maritime – North-Eastern part between two roads.
  • Part #5: Sea Part – On the high plateau in the north. You can dig here or use the stairs to reach the top.
  • Part #6: Marine Section – Forewear northeast to reach this high discovery of lost wheels on a plateau rock.
  • Part #7: Sea Part – Follow the path east, you can’t miss it. In the parking area.
  • Part #8: Sea Part – Just across the water to the east.

Northern Badlands | Car parts locations

Starting from the North Island, we will travel south to each country.

  • Part 1: Bandaged Part – On the small island in the northeast of the region.
  • Part 2: Bone Piece – On another island directly to the west.
  • Part #3: Missile Part – Directly west, near the train bridge.
  • Part #4: Missile Part – Slightly southwest, on a hilly road.
  • Part #5: Missile Section – On the main road to the southeast. from a bridge.
  • Part #6: Missile Part – Continued, just southeast on a hill overlooking the space needle.
  • Part #7: Missile Part – Visible to the southwest in a small camp.

Southern Badlands | Car parts locations

Start in the southeast and travel west, then north.

  • Part 1: Bandaged part – Starting from the southeast. Don’t miss the monolithic Easter egg nearby.
  • Part 2: Bandaged Part – Just to the west along the small pond. In a yellow bus accident. You’ll have to use a car roof to reach it.
  • Part #3: Bone Piece – To the north, down the hill.
  • Part #4: Sheet metal piece – Much further west. Walk down the main street from Dusty’s Clothing store and you won’t miss it.
  • Part #5: Piece of sheet metal – Northwest in the field. Very easy to distinguish from the previous place.
  • Part #6: Sheet metal part – On the hill to the north. The other is easily visible from here.
  • Part #7: Tinfoil Piece – Directly north at the park’s rest stop.
  • Part #8: Sheet Metal Piece – Further north next to an old wooden oil pad.

South Desert Rangers | Car parts locations

Starting from the north, we will travel south and east, ending at the dam.

  • Part 1: Dustlander Part – Located in the north of the region. On a high plateau that is only accessible by chopper or wingsuit. I recommend using a helicopter.
  • Part 2: Dustlander Part – On another plateau directly to the south. There’s also a free purple helicopter here!
  • Part #3: Dustlander Part – Even further south on a rocky ledge. You can actually reach this on foot.
  • Part #4: Dustlander part – Just south above the pond.
  • Part #5: Dustlander Part – Follow the dirt road east to find this. It’s on an old crane.
  • Part #6: Bandaged part – East of the dam in the far south.
  • Part #7: Bone Piece – Located at the southern end of the dam. Right next to the railing.

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