Talk To Me 2 Return gets disappointing update from A24 hit horror star

Talk To Me 2 Return gets disappointing update from A24 hit horror star


  • Sophie Wilde offers a disappointing update on her return
    Talk to me 2
    stating uncertainty but expressing interest in being involved behind the scenes.
  • The original received rave reviews and was a commercial success, leading to high demand for a sequel. A24 confirmed its release without a set date.
  • Plot and cast details for
    Talk to me 2
    remain unknown, but there is speculation that it could follow new characters who discover the embalmed hand, as well as a possible trilogy in the works.

Sophie Wilde gives a disappointing update on her long-awaited return Talk to me 2. Directed by Australian brothers Danny and Michael Philippou, Wilde directed the first Talk to me the role of Mia, a teenager grieving the death of her mother, who discovers a way to communicate with the dead through an embalmed hand with her friends. Receiving rave reviews from critics and a whopping $92 million at the box office against a production budget of $4.5 million, A24 announced development of a sequel in late 2023.

Speaking of GamesRadar+Wilde was asked about the possibility of her return Talk to me 2. Although it offers one disappointing update saying she’s not sure if she’ll be back, she stated that she is very interested in playing a part in the production of the sequel, even jokingly offering to work behind the scenes on the film. Read her full comments below:

I do not know. I feel like it’s still a little quiet because I mean, guys [filmmakers Danny Philippou and Michael Philippou], they are so passionate about work. I know they’re focusing on a bunch of other projects they’re doing right now. So I don’t know, it’s all up in the air. But I told them, “I’m going to get actual FOMO if I’m not in this movie, so can I come on set and be like a boom operator? I’m going to be an assistant director, I just want to be involved.

What else do we know about Talk To Me 2

Sophie Wilde looks scared in Talk To Me

After its release in 2022, Talk to me was met with rave reviews that praised the film’s fascinating story, the cast’s performance, and especially Danny and Michael’s stellar direction. Also considering Talk to meThe film’s ambiguous ending and the film’s commercial success, it was only right that fans both suggested and cheered for a sequel to A24’s highest-grossing horror film. After several months of speculationA24 confirmed in a post on social networks that Talk to me 2 would go to the theater although no release date was confirmed.

As for the cast that may appear in the Talk to me 2, there hasn’t been much news about who might reprise their role from the original film and what new faces might appear in the sequel. However, it is expected that many of the original characters may not appear in the sequel, especially Mia, who did not make it to the end Talk to me alive. In fact, she was last seen being a part of the spirit world and was summoned to another house party with her embalmed hand playing the titular game.


The Talk To Me Prequel: Found footage style, secret filming and everything we know

There’s a prequel to Talk To Me that’s already been shot, and here’s what’s known about the film, from the cast to the story and release date.

There is also little news regarding plot details for Talk to me 2. Danny and Michael Philippou, however, have recently come forward to state that they have enough material for a possible film trilogy. The pair never explicitly reveal what the materials contain, but there is a strong hint that Talk to me 2 may follow a new group of children who discover the embalmed hand used in raising spirits.

Source: GamesRadar+

The poster talks to me

Talk to me

While trying to cope with her mother’s death, Mia (Sophie Wilde) becomes fascinated with an embalmed hand that can raise spirits. As Mia and her group of friends get excited about communicating with spirits, things go too far when Mia doesn’t close the door on the other side.

Publication date
July 28, 2023

Danny Philippou, Michael Philippou

Sophie Wilde, Joe Bird, Alexandra Jensen, Otis Dhanji, Miranda Otto, Marcus Johnson

Execution time
94 minutes

Bill Hinzman, Danny Philippou


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