Talkspace offers advice on mental health and wellbeing at school for parents in the ‘Mental Health Progress Report’

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As the American Academy of Pediatrics declares child and adolescent health a “national emergency,” leading online behavioral health company Talkspace (NASDAQ: TALK ) is offering parents and caregivers a free audio webinar developed by clinicians with knowledge from providing mental health services to 13 school systems at the national level.

Available on demand here, Talkspace’s “Mental Health Progress Report” includes mental health and wellness resources to ease anxiety, fear and worry as students and families prepare to navigate the new school year and actionable ways for parents to manage the back to school transition, including self-care tips and tips to encourage children’s emotional well-being.

Fewer than half of the 7.7 million children in the United States with an identifiable mental health condition receive help from a mental health professional. This can add to the mental burden and worries of parents. Talkspace therapists have provided parents with the following five (5) tips to help them manage stress and anxiety as the school year begins:

  1. Take care of yourself using the STOP method. Sdo what you are doing and stop. Ttake a deep breath. Osee what’s happening for you. Pencouraged by doing something supportive or good for oneself.

  2. Prove losses; really allow yourself smelt the sadness that comes when your child/children grow up.

  3. Anticipate the transition time. The transition to school can last from two weeks to several months. Think ahead about potential obstacles – how does your child usually cope with transitions? What is likely to be difficult for your family?

  4. Connection plan. Find a time each week to bond as a family and check in on how your child is feeling about school.

  5. Meet your child/children where they are. Think about how you can partner with your child this year to focus on their success and try to set realistic expectations.

“We know that going back to school is an extremely stressful time for both students and parents, especially in light of recent headlines about school safety and still in the midst of a global pandemic,” it said. Liz Colizza, Director of Research and Programs at Talkspace and parent educator. “Particularly over the last couple of years, parents have been able to oversee almost every aspect of their children’s lives, including education throughout the distance learning process. At Talkspace, we want to help parents manage any back-to-school anxiety and provide them with actionable advice on how to support children during this transition period and feel empowered to proactively reach out to their school community to share any concerns.”

Talkspace has demonstrated a strong commitment to addressing the effects of the pandemic for those working in the field of education, particularly at the K-12 level. A recent national survey showed that more than half (55%) of teachers were considering leaving the profession earlier than planned due to pandemic-related stresses and fatigue, with 90% reporting that burnout was a major issue . To support school communities during this period of increased stress, Talkspace offers teachers and staff the full range of evidence-based mental health services – from therapy and psychiatric services to self-directed courses. Talkspace has partnered with schools and school districts across the country to offer a mix of these services, including Indianapolis Public Schools, Mastery Charter Schools in Pennsylvania, Los Gatos-Saratoga Union High School District in California and Washington Federal Public Schools.

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