The Airbnb mogul provides insight into how the entertainment industry and others influence the Airbnb market

Airbnb remains a source of excitement and entertainment for thousands of renters on a monthly basis. From vacation rentals to business affairs, Airbnb has been mainstream for renters across the country.

Many recognize that Airbnb has a particularly unique ability to strategically target certain markets and audiences, which is most evident through understanding how multiple entertainment-related industries have embraced Airbnb as an alternative source of income. .

From the bachelor pads of social media stars to famous abodes from classic movies, Airbnb has seen it all. Recently, among these popular premises available for renters include the infamous mansion from the hit series, Godfather. The five-bedroom, six-bathroom mansion, built in the 1930s, is spread over 6,248 square feet and features several modern amenities for people to enjoy. However, this is only one of the many luxurious and very attractive places that Airbnb has to offer.

With all these exotic locations comes a market that generates plenty of traffic. Millions of dollars on an annual basis, in fact. This staggering amount of potential income has opened the doors to hundreds of Airbnb investors who have had strategies to capitalize on the massive amounts of traffic generated by the entertainment industry and other social media figures.

Among these Airbnb tycoons includes Chris Choi. Choi is the founder of a national company Airbnb. After starting with just a single Airbnb while the rental platform remained in the early stages of growth, it now has over 100 different rental properties spanning seven different cities and five states. No wonder Chris Choi has effectively earned the name of a top 1% Airbnb earner who continues to expand his business endeavors. Part of its success has to do with the fact that the entertainment industries generate a significant amount of traffic on Airbnb.

Choi informs us that, “These famous rental properties are such strong earners. They come with natural marketing through their initial spark of fame. Usually movies, TV, or other entertainment-related endeavors. From the venue’s reputation alone, there is a typical rush of fans dying to book the venue and have an experience like no other.”

“Imagine owning a place like this as an Airbnb winner. If this is residence from Godfatheror house 5.3 from Breaking Bad, these wildly popular movies and shows generate traffic that essentially eliminates the need for expensive marketing. Some of the best case scenarios are when investors buy a property at minimal cost and discover that it has some kind of inherent value through a movie, TV show, or something similar. The marketing possibilities become endless.”

“Airbnb has opened a lot of doors for me,” added Choi. “We are projected to reach $10 million in revenue by the end of 2022. I guide thousands of people on how to use Airbnb to generate additional income. Together, I’m in the process of building a real estate technology company that helps me solve the problems I’ve often identified in the sector.”

He concluded, “At the end of the day, one of the most important aspects of any business is appealing to your customers. At Airbnb, that means finding places people would like to rent and using a safe, secure and efficient system to facilitate the process. After all, what devout fan wouldn’t want to rent a place that was a hot spot in their favorite movie, TV show, or featured on their favorite celebrity’s social media?”

“All of these different places that are coming to market effectively open our eyes to the opportunities that exist across Airbnb. These fun accomplishments become effective marketing strategies that ultimately contribute to longevity and interest among Airbnb investors and renters.

Ultimately, the range of places that exist across the Airbnb platform appeals to dozens of audiences. Interest continues to peak and expand as various industries across entertainment and social media look to capitalize on this lucrative industry. Airbnb executives like Choi are at the forefront of rental innovation and aim to constantly evolve alongside the opportunities that emerge from Airbnb.

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