The best stories of the week to catch up

The best stories of the week to catch up

Fox News Digital this week featured a solid selection of lifestyle articles on a variety of topics including food, lifestyle books, real estate, all things Super Bowl LVIII and more, plus fun quizzes and crossword puzzles .

Grab your coffee and check out some of the week’s biggest stories you may have missed or wanted to read.

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Get in before kickoff on Sunday night!

Mahomes and Wings separateMahomes and Wings separate

This weekend, absorb some of the top lifestyle headlines you may have missed, including weird and viral news, stories of faith, food, travel, and all things Super Bowl LVIII.

Heading into Super Bowl LVIII, Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers fans are counting on quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Brock Purdy to throw the perfect pass. Fox News Digital spoke with a physics expert who explained the science behind football spirals. Do you know how they work? Click here for the story.


Looking for Super Bowl candy? Check out this touchdown-worthy dessert recipe that’s sure to impress the crowd on game day. Click here for the story.

Here’s why chicken wings, not the Chiefs or 49ers, are the real stars of Super Bowl Sunday. Click here for the story.

Wendell's wingsWendell's wings

Many people believe that chicken wings, however they are prepared, are the real star of the Super Bowl. As shown above, Wendell’s in Norton, Massachusetts, offers what its loyal fans say are the best wings in the country.

What can university presidents learn from America’s founding fathers?

Jared Cohen, author of the best-selling “Life After Power: Seven Presidents and Their Search for Purpose Beyond the White House,” has some answers in this exclusive excerpt for Fox News Digital. Click here for the story.

Jared Cohen and Thomas JeffersonJared Cohen and Thomas Jefferson

In his new book “Life After Power” (S&S, February 2024), Jared Cohen, above left, includes a chapter on our nation’s third president and the remarkable path Thomas Jefferson, right, forged as a former president . An excerpt about the crisis at the University of Virginia comes from “Life After Power.”

A New York City resident went viral on TikTok for tearfully sharing her door-to-door job search journey, including the tough times when her resumes were rejected in person. Click here for the story.

Split image of Lohanny crying and holding her resumeSplit image of Lohanny crying and holding her resume

New York resident Lohanny Santos broke down in tears as she shared the responses she received from employers after submitting her resume.

Kansas City Chiefs Kicker butcher harrison shared her feelings on fashion and faith ahead of Super Bowl LVIII. Click here for the story.

Danielle Renov, author of the food blog “Peas, Love & Carrots,” started a fundraiser to help feed Israeli families displaced by the October 7 terrorist attacks. Click here for the story.


A recent video showing a boy dodging a would-be kidnapper in Arizona has prompted a security expert to intervene. Click here for the story.

Split image of the kidnapping attempt with an archive photograph of a girlSplit image of the kidnapping attempt with an archive photograph of a girl

A safety expert explained how parents can keep their children safe after an attempted kidnapping in Arizona attracted widespread attention.

Good Samaritans in Kansas City, Missouri, spent hours rescuing a litter of puppies who were trapped under an abandoned house in frigid temperatures. The rescue was captured on video. Click here for the story.

Split image of snow outside the house with a puppySplit image of snow outside the house with a puppy

Animal rescuers in Kansas City, Missouri, ducked under an abandoned house to rescue a litter of puppies that were trapped outside in freezing temperatures.

Taylor Swift fans are upset over an unofficial crackdown on merchandise. Here’s what Swifties need to know, as some people say they’ve been blocked from selling and/or buying items on Etsy. Click here for the story.

Taylor Swift's Etsy Store Merchandising DivisionTaylor Swift's Etsy Store Merchandising Division

Taylor Swift has reportedly filed quite a few trademark applications attached to her tour names, song lyrics, initials, and more.

From the 1990s to the 2020s, see how much homes cost as Americans saw the biggest surge in the history of the U.S. housing market. Click here for the story.

Cost of the house year you were bornCost of the house year you were born

Check out part two of this two-part Lifestyle series on what an American house cost in the year you were born.

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