The fastest way to find out which streaming service has a movie or show

The fastest way to find out which streaming service has a movie or show

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  • Use a voice control remote

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  • Content moves across platforms due to licensing agreements and the emergence of new platforms such as Peacock.
  • Use a voice remote to easily find and search for your favorite shows and movies.
  • Apps like JustWatch, ReelGood, and SeriesGuide can help you track and find content across various streaming platforms.

Last month, your comfort show was on Hulu, but now it’s gone. How should you fall asleep now? Catching up on your favorite shows and movies across platforms can be frustrating. With the help of a new remote and a few apps, you can find your show again in just seconds.

Why does content move?

First of all, why do shows and movies seem like they’re always playing tag? If your rom-com left Max to go to Netflix, it probably has something to do with a licensing deal expiring. Streaming platforms pay to show content they don’t own. When their license expires for a given title, the content can find a new home elsewhere.

Shows and movies can also move because the license holder starts their own platform. For example, when NBC started Peacock, NBC content disappeared from Hulu.

Some platforms have started to license more content to competitors. HBO has started licensing some of its content to Netflix, for example. However, content in digital form will remain in motion for some titles, so it’s good to know how to track it down.

Use a voice control remote

Amazon Alexa Voice Remote Pro sitting next to an Amazon Fire Stick
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Many remote controls allow you to use voice search to find a program by title. If you see a microphone button on the remote, you can press it and wait for the beep. Next, say the name of the movie or display it on top of the remote. Your remote will then communicate with your TV or streaming app to request the title.

To use voice control with Amazon remotes, simply press and hold the blue Alexa button or the black and white microphone button on the remote. Say “Find it The Fastest Way to Find Which Streaming Service Has a Movie or Show” on the remote control while holding the button. For example, “Find ‘You have mail’. Release the button when you are done speaking. Look at the TV screen to see what options are found. Your TV will display both free and paid options.

Search on JustWatch

How to use JustWatch to find content

JustWatch is a free service that is easy to use. The interface is well organized and you can filter the results to display only content available in HD and 4K formats. JustWatch lets you know if the title requires a subscription or if it can be purchased independently. If it can be bought, the price is marked.

You can use JustWatch from a computer browser or an app on your phone or tablet. If you download the app to your smart TV or a streaming device like the Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can make your mobile device communicate with your TV. The app is available for iPhone, Android and Smart TV. You can also download the app to streaming devices like Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and Chromecast.

Open the app or open JustWatch on a computer. Use the search bar to find a title, then review the viewing options. Platforms that hold the title appear in the “Watch Now” box. If you click on an icon, such as Hulu, your current device will open the Hulu app.

Select the app to watch a show on JustWatch.

Go to your account page by clicking the yellow icon in the upper right corner of the screen and then select “Connect your TV”. Once your devices can communicate, you can press the Play on TV icon above the Watch Now tab. This opens JustWatch on your TV and lets you choose the app you want to use to watch content from there.

Connect to TV on JustWatch-1

Use the ReelGood app

Use ReelGood to search for movie titles.

ReelGood is another free app that lets you quickly find a title. ReelGood stands out for a few reasons. First, you can tell the app which streaming service you use, which will narrow the recommendations on the home page to the content you have access to. It also prioritizes those platforms in search results.

ReelGood also lets you create a ton of playlists. Their default lists include Want to See and Seen It, but you can create custom lists for any purpose. This means that ReelGood not only helps you find the content you want, but also lets you track it. ReelGood is not yet available for Roku devices, but you can watch it on Apple and Android mobile devices, Android TV, Fire TV and LG Smart TV.

You can search for a title using the search bar and select a selection from the drop-down menu that populates. Click the Stream Availability button under the heading.

Select streaming availability on ReelGood to find platforms

Press the “Play” arrow next to the platform you want to use. The platform will open and the show or movie will start playing.

Select a platform in JustWatch by clicking the arrow

If you have the ReelGood app downloaded to your smart TV or streaming device, you can also press “Play on TV” (seen above) and the content will start playing on your TV.

Watch in SeriesGuide

SeriesGuide is useful for tracking content, but is not available to all users. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t have an iPhone-compatible version, and the developers say there are no plans to create one.

However, if you’re an Android user, you’re in luck. This app is great for creating content lists and finding out where content is being streamed. The search engine is powered by JustWatch, but this app has more complex series tracking capabilities. In addition to Android devices, SeriesGuide can also be installed on compatible devices using the Amazon App Store, including Windows 11 PCs.

Key features of SeriesGuide include notifications when a new episode of a series is released and a “Prevent Spoilers” setting. If you turn on spoiler prevention, the thumbnail and plot details for future episodes will be hidden until you’ve watched them. It is worth noting that unlocking all features requires a paid login, which is $5 per year. However, you can search for shows and movies and create basic lists for free.

To find a title in SeriesGuide, select Shows or Movies from the toolbar. Next, go to the search bar by clicking on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the screen.

Select the content type in the SeriesGuide menu.

Enter the title name and select the thumbnail from the search results. Click “Stream or Buy” under the title thumbnail. The first time you search, you’ll need to select your region from a menu.

Click stream or buy to find platforms on ScreenGuide

A list of locations where the show or movie is showing will appear in a new screen.

Use the SeriesGuide platform grid to select a service

It’s not hard to Google your favorite show or movie, but it can be even easier to find content with a modern app or remote control. Signing into apps instead of using them as a guest usually unlocks additional features, such as tracking content progress.

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