The ‘ick’ dating trend is stopping people from making connections

Do you get the disease? (Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

If you are active in the dating scene, you may have come across the term ‘ick’ by now.

An illness is when someone you’re dating does something that turns you off.

It’s become a trend in itself to be listed somewhat ridiculously, with examples including: ‘when he breathes too loudly’, ‘when she examines the chocolate box menu’ and ‘when they sit cross-legged’.

The list goes on and it has become a source of humor for apps like TikTok.

But dating app Badoo is now saying that social media scams are affecting the way people meet – with singles turning a person off much quicker and for seemingly less vital reasons than in the past.

The company’s research reveals that 82% of singles have experienced dating sickness, and three-quarters have even ended a relationship because of it.

Getting sick is nothing new, but it’s now a hot topic in modern dating, which Badoo believes is due to the ‘weird and more wonderful being discovered every day’.

Over a third of respondents admitted to being influenced by hoaxes discussed on social media, with a whopping 77% saying they have seen more disease-related content online recently.

Showing how easily swayed we are, 75% say they’ve picked up more illnesses – including ones they hadn’t even considered before – as a result.

Two-thirds of respondents claim that disease-related content, such as the ‘He’s 10 but…’ trend, is affecting their ability to connect.

There is now pressure to find the ‘right’ disease-free person for 35% of people.

Dating and relationship expert Sarah Louise Ryan believes that having illnesses is a form of self-sabotage – they help you push a person away for whatever reason you create an illness.

A third of lovers admit this is true for them, and 43% say they pick themselves up after a relationship feels too good to be true, while 42% say it’s a defense mechanism to protected from possible injury or rejection.

Sarah says: “Social media is such an influence on our everyday lives – shaping the way we think, feel and even make decisions.

“When it comes to meetings, he plays a big role here as well.

“We’re seeing more and more ick-related content trending online, and that’s having a direct impact on how singles approach a new relationship — as they try to navigate whether what they’re feeling is real or enforced by something they “I have been encouraged to believe is a sick.”

Fortunately, however, there are ways to overcome irrational disgust when it creeps up.

Navigating the streets when you’re meeting someone

Think about what is really important to you: If you start to feel things that make you feel ‘off’ about the person you are dating, then consider whether this illness is superficial. If it’s something fickle like the shoes they wear, remember that we’re compatible with people based on both similarities AND differences, so try to embrace them instead of being put off by them.

Change your mindset: It’s hard not to be influenced by others and what you see on social media, but if you want to create a positive dating journey, you need to focus on what you want and ignore the problems you know aren’t related – you It will end up building a more joyful and positive experience that way.

Take ownership of your dating journey: When we say ‘I’m gone’, we say it as if we can’t control it. Instead, try to take ownership and really think about how you feel—regardless of the situation. If you still don’t feel a connection, it would be better to part ways. But if something is there, it is worth trying to overcome any problems.

Find out what causes the disease: One way to overcome sickness from time to time is to think carefully about what causes it. If it’s the same scenario and set of circumstances that make you feel upset, then there’s probably more to it than what’s on the surface. Maybe it’s something deeper like clarifying what has hurt you in the past so you can accept, deal with, and heal to create a more positive and successful dating journey.

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