The Louvre bomb threat – and more

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NO BOYS ALLOWED. A feminist art installation that excludes men in Tasmania Museum of Old and New Art, is at the center of a legal battle that has dramatically evolved into a performance art sequel to the original piece. A male visitor is suing the museum for being refused entry to the Ladies Lounge. Kirsha Kaechele . The curtained installation takes its name from the inferior and more expensive side rooms historically offered to women in Australia because they were not allowed to drink in pubs until 1965. By appropriating the term, the artist has suppressed them patriarchal round tables, and there is no stopping. At the trial that opened this week, Kaechele arrived with about 25 women moving in unison, wearing blue suits, pearls and bright red lipstick. During the session they browsed feminist texts. In response to the complaint made by Jason Lau, and another was later removed, Kaechele commented: “Well, you got to experience the work of art, because the exclusion of men is the work of art.” She told him New York Times“I’m not sorry and you can’t come in.”

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POSSIBLE PERSON. of International Slavery Museum in Liverpool is appealing for any information from the public about the mysterious identity of a black child believed to have possibly been an escaped enslaved air traveler who modeled for an 1844 portrait by William Lindsay Windus . New X-ray-guided research into the artist and painting known as “The Black Boy” has revealed further clues about the child, suggesting he may have escaped slavery in the US. It is the only painting of an individual black child in the museum, and is even rarer because most other historical paintings of black subjects tend to show their subjects as slaves or servants, according to the museum researcher. Kate Haseldentalking to Guardian.


of The Louvre museum in Paris has reportedly received a bomb threat aimed at Mona Lisa and other early masterpieces on Sunday, March 17. The message, written in English, was sent via the museum’s website and threatened to blow up Mona Lisa and other masterpieces. According to the French daily Le Figarowas signed by the “Founding Fathers of the Confederacy” [Founding Fathers of the Confederation]. [Le Figaro]

Another former senior has been accused of stealing Dorothy’s ruby ​​slippers in 2005 from The wizard of oz. Jerry Hal SalitermanThe 76-year-old faces one count of theft of a major work of art and one count of witness tampering. [Artnet News]

Associations of French art schools and cultural workers are outraged by the comments of the French culture minister, Data Rachidaannouncing her desire to close “several” art schools that are in dire financial need. [Le Figaro]

A British woman living in Rome bought a brooch at an antiques fair for £20, or $35, about 30 years ago, after seeing a sketch that resembled it. Antiques Road Showdiscovered to be a rare Victorian design from William Burgess. It sold on Tuesday for about $12,000. [The New York Times]

A saved one Banksy The painting on the side of a building failed to sell at auction on Wednesday, where it was expected to fetch between £500,000 and £800,000. [BBC]

Why is Kobe BryantHis father auctions off his 2000 NBA championship ring that was given to him? Los Angeles Times says the answer is the latest chapter in their volatile relationship. [The Lost Angeles Times]


HIRST IN QUESTION. Latest news about Damien Hirst the expiration of his formaldehyde sculptures has been talked about a lot by the art world, by meme-satirists like @freeze_magazineTHE Of the Guardian art critic Jonathan Jones, who feels betrayed by the artist he says changed his life. “Now he has not only raised questions about the provenance of his back catalogue, but has also destroyed any faith we might have held in his creative future,” Jones writes. “His creation of sculptures dating back to his younger and better days reveals an artist who is so numb that he can philosophize about his own creative death. “What was so different about me then?” … But you can never go back. By doing so, the talentless old man Hirst has pissed off his entire youth.”

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