The Next Evil Dead Movie Cleverly Avoids A Big Mistake Horror movies are making these days

The Next Evil Dead Movie Cleverly Avoids A Big Mistake Horror movies are making these days


  • The Evil Dead franchise is expanding with a sixth film.
  • The upcoming Evil Dead movie is a spinoff, not a sequel, expanding the franchise as an anthology series.
  • The anthology approach allows the Evil Dead franchise to tell separate stories with different characters and dead, without being tied to a connected universe.

of The Evil Dead franchise will continue to expand with a new film, which is avoiding a major mistake that horror films have made in recent years. The horror genre has come a long way in recent years, thanks to successful adaptations of other horror works, original stories, and reboots and sequels to some of the most popular films in the genre. The trend of reboots and sequels has successfully brought back some beloved horror franchises, and among them is Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead exclusivity.

Following the adventures of Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) in the The Evil Dead, The Evil Dead IIAND Army of Darknessuniverse i The Evil Dead was brought back to life in 2013 with a soft reboot directed by Fede Álvarez. The Evil Dead 2013 was the first film without Ash Williams, and a decade later, the franchise was rebooted again with Dead evil rises, directed by Lee Cronin. Thanks to its success Dead evil risesa new movie is now in development, but it’s avoiding a major mistake that horror movies have been making lately.



New Evil Dead movie breaks condition 1 for Bruce Campbell’s return of grace

It’s unlikely that Bruce Campbell’s Ash will return in the next entry in the Evil Dead franchise, as the film doesn’t meet the one condition he set.

The new Evil Dead movie is a spinoff, not a sequel

Ellie and Beth in Evil Dead Rise

of The Evil Dead the franchise is expanding with a sixth film, but it’s not a sequel Dead evil rises nor any other film in the series. In February 2024, a new one The Evil Dead the film was announced to be in development and is being described as a spinoff. Sixth The Evil Dead the film will be directed and co-written by Sébastien Vaniček. Sam Raimi will still be involved in this new project, albeit as a producer, along with producing partner Robert Tapert, through their company Ghost House Pictures.

Although the conclusion of Dead evil rises it left the door open for a sequel as the evil force found a new victim, it’s better if the next movie is a spinoff instead of a sequel. Unlike other horror reboots such as Halloween AND bawl, THE The Evil Dead franchise chose to revive this universe with new stories with the elements that make these films part of the franchise, rather than a continuation of the previous films. That was a big part of his success Dead evil risesas it didn’t depend on Ash Williams or what the 2013 reboot set up, and simply used the Necronomicon, the evil force, and the Deadites to tell a whole new story.

The Evil Dead franchise is becoming an anthology (and that’s a good thing)

Evil Dead Mia Ash Williams Evil Dead Rise Ellie

With the sixth The Evil Dead being a spinoff film instead of a sequel, the The Evil Dead The franchise is, in essence, becoming an anthology. However, the only films that follow a sequel are the first three The Evil Dead II reunited some elements from the first film. Contrary to what the title suggests, that of Fede Álvarez The Evil Dead is not a remake of Raimi’s original film, although it borrowed the same setting and premise, but with different characters and dead. Bad new deadIt was a separate story unrelated to Ash Williams or Mia Allen, so The Evil Dead franchise is already an anthology.

Being an anthology film series allows it The Evil Dead franchise to expand further, as each film will tell a separate story with different characters and a variety of dead, and these don’t necessarily have to be part of a connected universe. Plot and character details of the novel The Evil Dead movie are still unknown, so it remains to be seen how similar it is to it Dead evil rises or any other film in the series, as well as who the new hero will be and their weapon of choice, be it the legendary chainsaw or something else.

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