‘The Tourist’ 1×06 Review: The Man and His Truth is Messy

‘The Tourist’ 1×06 Review: The Man and His Truth is Messy

tourist 1×06 marks the season finale of the new Netflix series. And we have opinions. Or I in particular have opinions. Because while I enjoyed season 1 of tourist, left a lot to be desired. And I think 1×06 is a perfect example of an episode that gives me a lot of things I love like Elliot and Helen’s relationship, but also an episode that takes away and breaks my heart like what they did with Luci. Luc’s death feels like a particularly brutal hit and I have trouble getting past it even though I had a strong feeling that someone was going to die by the end of the show. So was it worth it? Yes, I think it was worth watching season 1. But there are definitely things this show could work for that I want to break down.

Elliot’s devastating truth


What Elliot learned about himself in 1×06 was absolutely devastating. As a viewer, I knew that Elliot had done some things in the past and before he lost his memory. Luci got us into it when she said he killed a man and the writers created a mystery that went along with that. However, it was so shocking and disgusting to find out what kind of person Elliot really was. Because that vision of a woman he kept seeing, he thought it was someone close to him. And because of the way the writers for tourist raised the scene, I thought it might be a mother or a relative. It was none of these. It was a woman he had slaughtered.

Learning that you’re such a vile human being right after losing Luc, aka the person he had a really deep connection with, completely broke Elliot. And it hurt me as a viewer to see this person who has gone through different stages when he admits that he doesn’t remember who he is, enters the stage of ‘surrendering’ it all. Elliot was going to kill himself. He ended the season revealing some of his memories, but not all. He lost Lucy and kind of lost Helen too. All of this wrapped up along with the revelation that he removed someone and left two other women to die was too much for Elliot. And it was definitely the hardest moment to watch tourist in general.

In many ways, when Elliot was laying there, waiting for those pills and alcohol to kill him, I thought season 2 of tourist maybe it would focus on someone else. Because he had nothing and was really in a dark place. But the writers gave Elliot something to hold on to. Maybe not a light at the end of the tunnel. But a glimmer of hope that acted as a flashback to something that happened earlier in the season. A burrito emoji. Call it luck or maybe Helen knowing Elliot needed her at that moment she saved him. And I have to believe that smile at the end means he’s going to be okay. It’s not going to be perfect, because I’m pretty sure Luci wouldn’t be with someone who has eaten a woman. I mean, she didn’t really know him either. So who was Elliot before he met Lucy? Personally I don’t think his name is Elliot either. He’s hiding something and Season 2 will hopefully reveal it.

Helen getting rid of dead weight


It felt like Helen was on the cusp of something great this episode. From the beginning, we’ve seen Helen hold back. We’ve seen her hold back on making changes to her weight, her job, or even just exercising for her marriage. She didn’t know what was holding her back or preventing her from choosing for herself. But we knew. Ethan was holding him back. This buffoon of a man stepped in when Helen needed him. And he clung to her like a dirty needle, sucking the absolute life out of her and stuffing it into this little box. A box that only he approved of and was okay with. And spending time with Elliot helped her realize that she didn’t need Ethan. In fact, she’s better off without it.

Watching Helen tell Ethan to go kill himself felt cathartic. He has given him ultimatums and put him in such difficult places. And here she was standing up for herself, showing the natural progression of her journey constructed by the writers. And this progression is honestly one of the strongest parts of the tourist. At first I hoped it was the mystery of it all. But as the show progressed, I realized that it’s the characters who are the real star of this show. And one of the brightest stars of season 1 is Helen. Because we love a good bad story, and we love it when someone starts to believe in themselves. Not for a man, a career or children. Although they are fine if you choose to follow those paths. Helen made it for herself.

I especially like how in this episode she also went and helped Elliot after Luc’s death but also during the hostage situation. It’s a dynamic I’ve loved from the beginning and I really didn’t expect it to get here or for Helen to go for what she wanted when it came to kissing Elliot. Turning it back means something. And I hope Helen stays in this empowered place whenever season 2 comes out on Netflix because I want to see more of her. If this is just the beginning, it’s going to get a little confusing as she tries to figure out who she is, but I hope she’s there to continue on this path that Elliot is on. But them together as a couple is something we’ll talk about at the end of this review.

Luci deserved better


tourist 1×06 broke my heart when it came to Luci. I knew someone would have to pay the price for none of the main characters to die during the series, but I didn’t want it to be her. I honestly didn’t want this to happen to any of the main characters. And even though I felt it coming, I hoped for it tourist would be different and let Luci live. But I was wrong. And she died of a gunshot wound in the most trope-like scene ever. A rope that breaks my heart and that I hate with a ferocity. Luci deserved more.

I wanted to see Luci come back for season 2 tourist. I haven’t seen what happens in the second season, but I wanted to see him survive. Because if there is something that tourist taught us, is that she is a survivor. And it seems like the same old story of a woman who needs to be put in a refrigerator to give her character development. Usually that character is male. And this has nothing to do with shipping and the fact that I like Elliot and Helen better together. This has to do with the fact that Luci had the potential to become a rogue villain herself in season 2. Plus, I wanted to see her throw it down with other bad guys with Helena by her side.

Going back to season 1 of tourist, I really liked how Luci came in and how she was this morally gray character. Women like him, you don’t see that on screen. You see this even less on screen if it’s a black woman. And I think I would have been in a happier place with this show if Luci had survived. She fought so hard and deserved better than to die in the backseat of an old car in the middle of nowhere. And she deserved infinitely more than to leave her body out there for someone else to find. It’s like everything when heroes can’t have parents. They must always die. It’s the same with women like Luci. They’re there to support the other characters when they themselves are intriguing AF and deserve their time to shine.

Both Elliot and Helen changed each other


Elliot and Helen were that unexpected element of tourist season 1 which is based on this show. Seeing everything that happened, I definitely don’t like everything. I remember what I thought at the beginning of the show and how I was so interested in the mystery. And as the show progressed, the mystery went out the window and I was more focused on the relationships between the main characters. I was especially intrigued by the relationship between Elliot and Helen because we don’t see things like that. And I feel like a broken record saying this over and over, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone with my similar body type in a position like Helen.

Helen must have an adventure with the super hot guy. She has to be the heroine and the one who overcomes obstacles and comes to the pack when needed. She was also the one who went through this journey of self-discovery with Elliot but also by his side, which is the most important difference as to why I like this ship. Elliot is trying to get his memory back. But he’s also trying to figure out what kind of person he is. So he’s doing this for himself, but he also knows he might depend on Helen. Not because she is easily manipulated or brave enough to think he would love her. He likes it. He respects her. And he knows that if he’s in trouble, he can call him. I also think that Helen knows that there is someone in the world who knows without a doubt that she is a force of nature that you can count on.

That’s why I think it’s going to be interesting to see what happens with Elliot and Helen in season 2. I took a little peek and saw that they were both in it. And it will be interesting to see who they become as their relationship turns into something more. Because I had my doubts at first and did some wishful thinking. But it’s definitely going in that direction and the two of them will hopefully gain something good from being together, especially who they are without the dead weight of someone like Ethan or the dark and heavy weight of a super past dark. Having someone by your side can change your life monumentally. They already did that in season 1. I can’t wait to see what they do in season 2.

tourist Season 1 is now available on Netflix. The second season arrives on February 29.

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