The Toy Association™ announces 2024 toy trends

The Toy Association™ announces 2024 toy trends

Environmentally Sustainable Gaming, Scary Glamor, Vitamin P(lay) and Anime Mania Announced as Year’s Biggest Trends

NEW YORK, February 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — From spooky, durable, anime-inspired toys to holistic toys that give young minds and bodies a boost, Toy Association™ today revealed the top trends expected to drive consumer spending on toys, games and youth entertainment products in 2024. The announcement was made during Toy Association The annual Toy Trends Briefing, a virtual press conference that gave retailers and the media a first look at the latest developments in toys and games.

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“With budgets continuing to be carefully curated, today’s toy buyers are looking for more than just toys; they’re looking for lasting play experiences – and the toy industry is delivering,” said Adrienne Appellexecutive vice president of marketing communications at Toy Association. “This year’s top toys will prioritize consumer budgets, durability and sustainability, while also highlighting how toy manufacturers are expanding their product range in ways that tap into cultural trends and make play more accessible to all ages and abilities.”

Toy Association the team of trend experts meet with hundreds of global toy companies throughout the year to track the latest developments in toys, games and youth entertainment, as well as related industries. Today’s press conference represented the culmination of that work and featured plenty of sneak peeks at the best products hitting stores in time for Holiday ’24 from companies of all sizes.

A summary of the key trends of 2024 follows:

(1) Stable game

45 percent of parents under 40 consider a toy’s environmental impact when making purchasing decisions Toy Association survey i US the parents. In 2024, toy manufacturers will prioritize sustainability, not only as a commitment to using environmentally friendly materials, but also as a holistic approach in line with these evolving consumer values. And what consumers care about most when it comes to sustainability and purchasing products is sustainability (58%), according to a Deloitte Sustainable Consumer 2023 report.

Beyond being eco-friendly, this trend focuses on toys and brands that stand the test of time, emphasizing craftsmanship, heirloom qualities, enhanced play value, and a toy’s ability to adapt and grow with children as they age.

(2) Scary magic

Mystical, magical and supernatural toys transport children and child on a fascinating journey, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality. Thanks to a resurgence of cultural interest in the thriller, mystery and horror genres across film, TV and literature, expect to see a range of toys that harness new technologies, hidden features, secret codes and unfolding narratives that tap into our natural curiosity. explore the thrill of the unknown and lead children to new discoveries. Among the properties driving that interest is Wednesday, a license to watch this year and Netflix’s most-watched English-language series (amassing 341 million hours watched in its first week, surpassing Foreign thingsThe previous record was 335 million hours, according to the streaming service).

(3) Vitamin P (lay)

In this age of conscious parenting, the toy industry is stepping up to the plate to offer a diverse range of toys that help the mind and body. Combining emotional intelligence, active screen-free play and sports-inspired fun, this trend is set to redefine the landscape of children’s play as toys produce more toys that not only promote physical fitness, but also stimulate creativity, expression emotional and social health. interaction. This trend recognizes the holistic development of the child and the role of play in the equation. Actually, some US states are now mandating play-based learning, with research showing that “play with a purpose” leads to a deeper understanding of the curriculum. Amplified by the expected buzz surrounding it Paris 2024 Summer Olympicswe also anticipate that sports toys will grow in popularity.

(4) Anime mania

A fervent global fandom is bringing anime to the fore in 2024, and its influence on the toy space is expected to reach unprecedented heights. Teens and children engage in the anime community through conventions, online forums, and social media, with fans actively participating in discussions, creating fan art, and cosplay related to anime content. This enthusiasm coupled with the increased accessibility of anime through streaming channels (Crunchyroll, Netflix, Max, etc.) has pushed the genre from the grassroots to the mainstream, creating a cultural ripple effect that extends beyond entertainment and children’s audiences. in various categories of consumer products, including children’s toys.

Last year, Netflix adapted One Piece into a live-action series; Bandai opened a Tamashii Nations flagship store in Times Square that sells a diverse selection of figures, including many popular anime characters; and marketing teams at Disney and Spy X Family on Japan teamed up for cross promotions of their films wish AND Code: White. In 2024, expect to see more crossover partnerships and toy makers using anime’s distinct, beloved stories and aesthetic to create toys that resonate with diehards and casual fans alike.

(5) Entertainment update

Last year was a strong year for children’s toy entertainment and content, but 2024 will see more toys inspired by the evergreen characters of the past and small-screen entertainment that has generational appeal. With the emergence of new preschool entertainment, look out for toys inspired by both fun and fun features that entice little ones, as well as many birthday celebrations. Toys inspired by social media trends, video games, and digital worlds (ie Minecraft and Roblox) will also continue to create a bigger piece of the pie.

A Toy Trend Roundup video will be available online in the coming days (

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Founded in 1916, The Toy Association™, Inc. is a not-for-profit trade association representing all businesses involved in the creation and distribution of toys and youth entertainment products for children of all ages. Toy Association guides the health and growth of US the toy industry, which has an annual US economic impact of 98.2 billion dollarsand its approximately 900 members run each year 38.2 billion dollarsUS domestic toy market. Toy Association serves as the industry voice for the developmental benefits of play and promotes the positive impact of play on childhood development to consumers and the media. The organization has a long history of leadership in toy safety, helping to develop the first comprehensive toy safety standard more than 40 years ago, and remains committed to working with medical experts, government, consumers and industry on programs to continuously to ensure safety and entertainment. Play.

As a global leader, Toy Association produces the world famous New York and Toy Fair Fair Dallas; advocates on behalf of members worldwide; hold Canadian Toy Association; acts as the secretariat for International Council of Toy Industries and International Toy Industry CEO Round Table; and chairs the committee that reviews and revises America’s widely emulated ASTM F963 toy safety standard.

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