The Utah company that builds global employment solutions just secured millions in investment

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Until now, hiring the best employee in the world was only a dream for most businesses. But thanks to a recently announced $5 million seed round for its global talent services and employment marketplace, Lehi-based recruiting firm IsoTalent is one step closer to making that an actual possibility.

IsoTalent’s investment round was co-led by Crocker Ventures and Ad Ventures, and included Sweater Ventures and several high-profile angel investors. With the new funding, IsoTalent aims to expand its national marketing efforts and develop a global technology-enabled hiring marketplace.

“IsoTalent’s mission is to bring recruiting into the future,” says Paul Ahlstrom, CEO and co-founder of IsoTalent. “The legacy industry needs a tough reset to keep up with global demand, solve talent shortages and cope with the economy. Businesses are in critical need of competitive pricing, better technology and long-term solutions to scale their teams. theirs.”

Ahlstrom explains how business leaders are reworking their hiring strategy in response to the Great Recession and more economic turmoil to come. IsoTalent offers a “comprehensive and on-demand hiring solution” with three innovations to meet jobseeker and business needs: commission-free recruiting, global employer of record (EOR) and a free applicant tracking system (ATS).

Save thousands of dollars with commission-free recruiting

Writing for The Muse, tech recruiter Biron Clark notes that recruiters traditionally take between 20-25% of a new hire’s first-year salary. A new hire making $100,000 might cost you $25,000 the traditional way—but with IsoTalent, you can cut that cost in half.

Continuing its disruptive approach to pricing, IsoTalent offers hourly rates for domestic and international recruiting services:

● International roles: $75-150/hour after EOR discount (see below)

● Lead and high volume roles are billed at $110/hour

● Technical roles: $125/hour

● Executive roles: $200/hour

For international requirements, IsoTalent offers recruitment and employment services. Global candidates are billed according to the Primary, Technology and Executive rates listed above. If a business then hires those candidates through IsoTalent’s global EOR, they will receive an hourly discount (up to $50/hour depending on the position) on their recruiting bill. From there, businesses pay a monthly PEPM fee to continue hiring those professionals through IsoTalent’s EOR.

Hire legally across the globe with IsoGlobal

Another major headache for recruiters is the legality of hiring international candidates. With a global employer of record (EOR), you can legally recruit and hire candidates anywhere in the world without any worries. Thanks to IsoGlobal (IsoTalent’s EOR), even small businesses and startups are expanding their international presence.

“This is an exciting time for startups developing their global strategy,” says Jonathan Malan, global head of IsoTalent. “Remote and hybrid teams are more productive and accessible than ever – and combined with a global EOR, this brings new opportunities for expansion, localization and technical capabilities. Utah businesses are leveraging growth strategies that never before they thought possible.”

The Utah company that builds global employment solutions just secured millions in investment

Track applicants for free with IsoConnect

Active IsoTalent clients connect with their local and international recruiters through the IsoConnect platform, which is also available as a free applicant tracking system. Any user, customer or otherwise, can use the platform to manage a new listing, track employment and greet a recruiter. This includes access to global EOR for assistance in recruiting and hiring candidates across borders.

“We’ve built a premium SaaS platform to help busy teams consolidate their recruiting activities into one central dashboard,” explains Lifferth. “It allows any stakeholder – whether a hiring manager, recruiter, candidate or CEO – to have full visibility into the candidate hiring process. Whether teams use it in conjunction with our recruiting services or as a standalone ATS , is an essential tool for startups and small businesses. If you’re still using Excel spreadsheets, talk to our team.”

Fill positions faster with IsoTalent

According to IsoTalent, the solutions mentioned above work independently and simultaneously with each other.

“We serve clients at every stage of their hiring strategy,” says Austin Miller, CRO and co-founder. “That’s the beauty of our on-demand model: a business leader can use a free product, build their recruiting, expand local and global search, collaborate with professionals, and start and stop services, all while reducing costs of employment.”

Thanks to its new investors, more people will experience the difference IsoTalent can make to the hiring process.

“IsoTalent has the tools and expertise to become the integrated recruiting solution for businesses of any scope and size to hire at scale,” adds Lifferth. “Our new funds will be used to build and implement on that vision.”

If you would like more information on IsoTalent’s global hiring and recruiting solutions, please visit or contact [email protected].

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