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Most people would list traveling as one of their favorite activities. We all like to take a break from the daily grind, see new places and try new things. But for some people, booking plane tickets is more of an obligation than a hobby. These people are apt to get away at a moment’s notice, immerse themselves in new cultures, and regale people back home with stories of their adventures. As it turns out, this feature can be determined by their horoscope. Ahead, astrologers tell us the zodiac signs most likely to travel the world, from those with moderate wanderlust to those who are rarely in the same place for more than a weekend.

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This sign – represented by the crab – is a familiar body, always happy to crawl back into its shell. But somehow, this search for home can lead them on journeys.

“Cancers who come from immigrants are the most likely to visit the countries of their parents and grandparents of all zodiac signs,” he says. Virginia Castiglione, an astrologer at Aquamarine Content. “One’s roots are very important to Cancer, and experiencing their ancestral cultures is something they place a lot of value on.”

During their travels, you’ll find them chatting with locals to see if their family name rings a bell and sampling the local cuisine.

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Traveling the world requires organization and diligence—two traits Taurus has in abundance. Moreover, they have a penchant for pleasure.

“If they experience the most satisfaction away from home, they will make room for foreign travel in their budgets and actually pursue it,” says Castiglione. Expect them to prefer quiet beach vacations or long-term trips that require jumping through a lot of logistical hoops (they have the patience and attention to detail to do this with ease).

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Aquarius travels to break their routine and fight boredom. “Water bearers need regular shakes, new experiences and changes of location,” he says Alice Alta, resident astrologer for the Futurio app. “Plus, they’re likely to surprise everyone around them with their destination. For example, when everyone goes to luxury resorts, an Aquarian can travel to Africa to learn about indigenous tribal rituals.”

They may also go on a trip suddenly, without telling close friends or family first. You will be shocked when they post a photo on social media. “She is where?!”

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Geminis are adventurous, friendly and extroverted – and travel lights them up and makes them feel alive. “They want unforgettable experiences and communication with new people,” says Alta. “Gemini people go on trips just to get a little change of scenery.”

But while they may travel often, they may not travel far. “For example, it’s typical for a Gemini to go to a neighboring city for the weekend,” explains Alta. “However, they must learn to understand other cultures more deeply and explore new worlds more willingly.” By doing this, they will be able to get more out of their getaways.

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Pisces are a spiritual traveler and let their heart guide them from one destination to another. “They enjoy lost cultures, ancient civilizations and paintings that tell a story,” he says Charlotte Kirsten, professional astrologer and founder of the astrology and esoteric blog Typically Topical. “They crave deeper meaning when they travel, and so you’ll often spot them lounging in a museum or wandering the cobbled streets of Europe.”

Even when they’re not on vacation, they’ll be planning their next trip—making Pinterest boards and reading site-specific history books to fully prepare.

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Each of the astrologers we consulted named Sagittarius as the zodiac sign most likely to travel the world. “This greed-driven sign is known for its free-spirited and free-spirited nature,” says Kirsten. “These avid archers want nothing more than to immerse themselves in all that a country has to offer; food, culture, art, anything that enables them to expand their knowledge and broaden their perspective on life.”

Saggies are also not afraid to travel alone, preferring to book a trip on their own rather than waiting for a friend to become available. “If there’s a cheap deal for a far-flung destination, you can bet Sagittarius is going to snag that opportunity,” says Kirsten. “Book now, ask questions later!”

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