There’s a workout routine for every type of lifestyle, whether you’re a morning person or not.

There’s a workout routine for every type of lifestyle, whether you’re a morning person or not.

In an ideal world, we would all include a varied mix of aerobic activity and strength training in our exercise routine, and of course, no one would ever skip leg day. But if a lack of time in your schedule has been holding you back from achieving your fitness goals, help is at hand. We asked a fitness expert to design a beginner’s workout routine for a variety of lifestyles, and here’s what we found:

How to develop a fitness routine for each type of lifestyle

The key to maintaining a successful exercise regimen lies in adaptability and consistency, believes Robin Behl, co-founder of The Tribe. “It’s about finding creative ways to stay active, regardless of your location or schedule. By incorporating simple exercises into your routine, whether it’s a short break between Zoom meetings or a layover at an airport, you’ll be able to prioritize your fitness goals and ensure they remain a consistent part of your lifestyle,” he explains. Clarity of intention and commitment to staying active and healthy can drive the adaptation of these exercises to different environments. Need help getting started? Here’s how to develop an exercise routine for different types of lifestyles:

If you are a morning person

Congratulations on being in the good books of fitness trainers everywhere: morning exercises have been shown to improve nighttime sleep while flooding the brain with feel-good endorphins for the rest of the day. If you want to do some quick exercises before starting the work day, shoulder exercises, neck circles, and spinal exercises, such as the cat-cow stretch or rotating stretches, can promote flexibility and mobility during the day.

If you are a night person

For night owls, an exercise routine should prioritize consistency and enjoyment. Try doing exercises in the late afternoon or evening that align with your body’s peak energy levels. Incorporate a combination of strength training, cardio and flexibility exercises, while remembering to focus on quality sleep to support recovery. Stretching before bed or yoga can help you relax and rest your muscles after an evening workout.

If you are always on the move

When you’re on the go frequently, it’s essential to have a compact workout routine that can adapt to various environments and time constraints. Consider packing a jump rope and resistance band in your travel kit—they’re lightweight, versatile tools, perfect for on-the-go workouts.

If space allows or if you’re outdoors, incorporating short sprints can add an extra dimension to your routine. Whether finding a nearby park or using an open space, running can be a great way to get your heart rate up and work on lower-body strength and speed. Your environment may change, but the intention to remain active must remain constant.

If you have a sedentary lifestyle

When you spend long hours at a desk, it is common to experience stiffness and tension in your muscles, particularly in your shoulders, neck, and spine. Simple exercises like wall crunches and spinal work can do wonders to counteract the effects of a sedentary job. Retractions help correct rounded shoulders by activating the muscles between the shoulder blades, while spinal exercises improve mobility and relieve stiffness caused by prolonged sitting.

If you have to travel often

For those who travel frequently, maintaining a consistent exercise routine can be challenging but crucial. Use free moments during your travels to skip some sessions. As an effective cardiovascular exercise, it doesn’t require much space and can be incredibly effective, even in short bursts. It’s helpful to follow up with bodyweight exercises, such as push-ups and squats, as these moves engage multiple muscle groups and don’t require any equipment, making them ideal for a quick but impactful workout.

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