These 7 visa categories are exempt from the new Bali tourism tax

These 7 visa categories are exempt from the new Bali tourism tax

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The new Bali tourism tax will come into effect on February 14, 2024.

Officials have been talking about the new tourism tax for months, but as the grand launch nears, the final details are being revealed.

These 7 visa categories are exempt from the new Bali tourism taxThese 7 visa categories are exempt from the new Bali tourism tax

It has now been confirmed once and for all which categories of visitor visas will be exempted from paying the IDR 150,000 tourism tax.

In total there are seven types of visas that will not have to pay the tourism tax. However, these visa holders will need to register online and apply for a waiver.

Visa categories exempt from the Bali tourism tax are diplomatic and official visas, crew members on transport vehicles and holders of temporary or permanent residence permit cards (KITAS and KITAP).

Holders of family reunification visas, student visas, golden visas and specific business visas are also exempt.

It has also just been confirmed that the Bali Governor’s Regulation Number 36 of 2023 on Foreign Tourist Tax Payment Procedures states that the request for tax exemption application must be submitted at least one month before entering Bali.

The regulation stipulates that the local tourism authority will verify and make a decision on the application within a maximum of five working days. The decision whether the application is approved or rejected will be communicated to tourists through the Love Bali system at

Head of Tourism at the Bali Tourism Office, Ida Ayu Indah Yustikarini, spoke to reporters as the tax is about to be imposed.

Yustikarini said: “They [exemption visa holders] must submit an application and complete the requirements in the Love Bali system…If approved, the Love Bali system will provide a notice and confirmation of exemption approval to the foreign tourist in the form of a QR code.”

For now, the tax will also be payable and checkable at the international arrival terminal of I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport and Benoa Port, Bali.

However, with the new units of the Bali Tourism Civil Service Satpol PP on patrol, tourists should be prepared to show their tourism fee voucher if asked by an officer around the island.

This can become especially true in places like Sanur port where tourists transit between the Gili and Lombok islands that are not part of the Bali province.


The news that Bali is introducing a tourist tax has hit international headlines, and while there will always be people sitting on both sides of the fence, it seems like most people aren’t too worried about paying an extra US$10, provided they feel they are getting some kind of value from their contribution.

Leaders, including Acting Governor Sang and Made Mahendra Jaya, have pledged to ensure that the funds are spent in a way that directly impacts tourists, as well as contributing to the presentation of Bali’s natural and cultural heritage.


The Acting Governor has gone a step further and said that he wants to introduce discounts for tourists who have paid the fee. He wants to see discount coupons handed out to tourists at major attractions.

Speaking to reporters, Acting Governor Jaya said: “The discount amount will change and this is to stimulate foreign tourists to pay before arriving in Bali because they will get the biggest discount coupon.”

Busy tourists at Tanah-Lot-TempleBusy tourists at Tanah-Lot-Temple

Regardless of whether they are exempt from paying the tourism tax or not, tourists and foreigners in Bali must go to the same place.

The tourism tax and exemption form can be found on the website

The site is also available as an application that can be downloaded through the website or found directly in the application store on smart devices.

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