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Tuesday was an incredibly surreal day for yours truly, Dave Tuley.

You see, since I joined VSiN nearly 5 years ago, my Tuesdays have been spent writing the original version of this column for Point Spread Weekly. That means, for the better part of 260 weeks (probably about 250 with a few weeks off), I’ve known that my Tuesdays will be dedicated to writing at least 500 words and up to 3,000 words or more for my NFL columns I gave my “deals” for every game on the schedule. And then I would also help edit/proofread each week’s issue. With PSW out of the way, it made me wonder what day of the week all of Tuesday was. Fortunately, I was brought back to reality after my 5th MLB game went 3-1 that day. We won our Best Bet on the Diamondbacks 1st 5 + 120 cashed easily as they outscored the Phillies 9-0 behind Zac Gallen’s stellar pitching (34 1/3 scoreless innings) en route to a 12-3 victory. I also went 2-1 with my other games as the A’s 1st 5 + 100 (although I should have put -110) led the Nationals 10-5 after 5 innings and the Royals 1st 5 + 110 continued to lead White Sox 5 -4 after 5 innings. Our only loss was to the Orioles 1 5 + 125 as they throttled the Guardians 5-1. That’s a net gain of 2.3 units. Before we go to the Wednesday shows. . . in case you missed it on Monday when VSiN was announcing some changes to our broadcast and digital plans for the football season, here’s how that affects this column.
CHANGES IN TULEY’S COLUMNS FOLLOW: Followers of these daily versions of “Tuley’s Takes Today” will be happy to hear that these will continue throughout the football season and beyond (last year, we did 289 straight days – more than 41 straight weeks – TTT from the opening of the NFL season until the end of the Stanley Cup Finals in June We will recap the betting events of the previous day, update our betting statistics during the season on MLB, NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and events other highlights like the CFB regular season, bowl season, March Madness, etc. As for regular readers of our original weekly Tuley’s Takes that appeared in Point Spread Weekly, that publication has come to an end , but our popular “take” on every game on the NFL schedule (where I apply my “dog-or-pass” approach to giving my picks, but also which games to pass, which many readers see as a mark “buy” in the favorite if I am not able to do j a case for the favorite) We will continue to post that column very soon on Wednesday things as our loyal readers have come to expect. We will then have the opportunity to update picks (advising when to expect the line to move in our favour, or to pass if we think a pair no longer offers value) throughout the week and into the weekend. In line with our bosses saying VSiN changes are meant to serve 2022 sports betting in the way they consume all our content. We believe our followers will appreciate being able to easily find all our ‘takes’ in one place as I’m sure some readers were a little confused back in the day when there would be 2 versions of Tuley’s Takes on the home page of VSiN. Having said all that, let’s recap the rest of Tuesday’s betting results (full game) and then look for more games on Wednesday.

Tuesday recaps

MLB: Faves went 9-5 on Tuesday with the A’s-Nationals locking up their pick. The shutouts were from the Rockies (+300 in a 3-2 win at the Braves), Reds (+185 in a 5-1 win over the Cardinals), Pirates (+155 in a 4-2 win at the Brewers), Royals (+118 in a 9-7 win at the White Sox) and the Diamondbacks (+ 114 in a 12-3 win at the Phillies). Road teams went 10-5. Over/Unders are split 7-7-1 with the push in the Cubs-Blue Jays (8) game for the second straight night.

More MLB: Faves lead 1,144-761 SU (60 percent) in the 30-pick season (favorites usually win about 59 percent; still ahead of the pace; the gap had narrowed, but is now back to 60 percent). Home teams lead 1020-913 (52.8 percent, usually closer to 54 percent but rising). Unders lead 948-882-102 (51.8 percent).

Pick up on Wednesday

Red Sox 1 5 + 110 at Twins: The Twins are on a 5-game winning streak, so it’s a little hard to beat them; Meanwhile, the Red Sox are on a 3-game skid. However, we’ll trust Michael Wacha (9-1, 2.53 ERA, 1.03 WHIP) to keep Boston in this game early and the offense to do enough to get to Minnesota’s Joe Ryan.

Rangers 1 5 + 110 vs. Astros: Again, we’re counting on the starting pitcher — in this case, the Rangers’ Martin Perez (10-4, 2.69 ERA, 1.19 WHIP) — to keep this close. Perez has been very good for us this summer so we like our chances even though the Rangers have lost 3 in a row as have the Red Sox. But that’s why we only support the Rangers when they have Perez or Greg Otto on the mound.

Good luck today (and every day!).

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