Usher Reacts To Speculation About His Surprise Guests And Songs For Super Bowl Halftime Show (Exclusive)

Usher Reacts To Speculation About His Surprise Guests And Songs For Super Bowl Halftime Show (Exclusive)

When it comes to the secrets surrounding his arrival Super Bowl first half show Usher you are not making any confession.

The performer sat down with ET’s Kevin Frazier on Thursday, ahead of Sunday’s big game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs — where he’ll take center stage at the Apple Music Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show.

On Wednesday, Roc Nation — which produces the show along with Apple Music — released a humorous teaser featuring the lead Ludacris, Lil Jon AND Taraji P Hensonin which Luda had to confess to Apple CEO Tim Cook that they couldn’t find Usher before the big show.

So will Ludacris and Lil Jon join Usher on stage?

“I’d be a fool not to play ‘Yes! Let’s start here,'” he admitted. “It would be foolish to go all the way to Las Vegas, Jon’s here, Luda’s here and not play ‘Yes!’

However, when it comes to any other artist — J Balvin AND BTSJungkook both appeared in trailer released last month — Usher is keeping quiet, even though he teased inside a recent interview that there will “definitely” be some special guests joining him on stage.

He certainly has a long list of past collaborators, including Justin Bieber, Alicia Keys, Jadakiss, Cam’ron, Summer Walker, HER — and, of course, Beyoncewho already has the Roc Nation connection.

While he wouldn’t talk about it, Usher shared his appreciation JAY Mr for his selection as the performer of the first part of this year.

“What I really respect about Jay and what I love about him is that he’s become a great curator,” he said. “Over the years, throughout his career and 1707608265 being in this position and working with amazing directors like Jesse Collins and Hamish [Hamilton]… [to see them win] The Golden Globes was the same, man, because Jay really gets it.”

“Having the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, I hope I didn’t give it a chance [but to be the choice]”- he shared with a laugh. “It was the belief that my investment in this city far exceeded just my residence. It’s just reinvigorated my brand, my energy, my excitement about music.”

The singer revealed that he “changed a few things” in his daily routine to ensure he was fit for the epic performance.

“In the process of preparing for the Super Bowl, I obviously wanted to make sure I was at my healthiest,” he noted. “I stopped eating gluten. I cut out sugar, all alcohol, I didn’t smoke cigars or anything.”

While it’s been a hectic few months of preparation leading up to the big day, Usher said that for him, “it’s definitely been an amazing time.”

“I love all the cameras, I love the energy, I love the people,” he marveled. “More than anything. I remind myself to smile. Most of the time you’re so caught up in being serious and making sure everything is perfect and has a certain intensity. Every day I come in I try to give off positive energy. No no matter how tired I am, no matter how tired the day ahead of me is, I’m smiling because I’m here.”

“We work to be here and everyone who is here deserves to be,” he continued. “Sometimes we need to remember that we deserve to have what we have. And we are so caught up in trying to keep it, we don’t enjoy it. So I really want to enjoy this moment, smile and enjoy .”

What about what he hopes viewers and fans will take away from the show?

“There’s more than one way to sustain a career,” he noted. “You’re never too old, you’re never too young, it all works together, but all you have to do is believe you can — and that’s what Las Vegas is to me.”

Usher said that for him, the Super Bowl is the culmination of not only years of work, but the last few months he’s spent performing at his main residence at MGM Park.

“101 shows done here — 100 of them sold out,” he reflected. “And the next one I’ll have in a few days is a crescendo of my faith in this city and the celebration of my 30-year career.”

Usher’s new album, He comes homewill be released on February 9th and his Past Present Future tour kicks off this summer on August 20th.

Super Bowl LVIII – which airs on CBS and is broadcast live Paramount+ – is in Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has the Kansas City Chiefs facing the San Francisco 49ers. Keep checking ETonline for more from the big game, including photos, exclusive interviews and more.


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