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FORT COLLINS – The founders of Waypoint Cos. LLC, Poudre Bay Inc. and Teleios Strategy LLC have created a new portfolio of investments in operating companies and real estate.

The new company is called Vuelo Asset Management LLC, under the trade names Vuelo Ventures and Vuelo Real Estate Investments. Vuelo is Spanish for “flight.”

“Vuelo’s mission goes beyond generating returns for investors by leveraging a thriving ecosystem that creates meaningful impact for businesses, communities, individuals and families alike. This vision resonates deeply with Vuelo’s partners, Brian Smerud of Poudre Bay, Drew Yancey of Teleios Strategy, and Josh Guernsey and Tom Hall of Waypoint Companies,” according to a press release from the new venture.


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Guernsey sees Vuelo as an opportunity to create something more meaningful than just financial gain.

“We have invested in great operating businesses and real estate partnerships for years under the Waypoint umbrella. Now with Vuelo, we’re focusing our attention on investing, not just as investors, but as creators and builders,” Guernsey said in a written statement. “We build ecosystems of real estate and operating businesses that work together to spin a collective flywheel. We invest in what we know, what we understand and believe in, and where we can have a real impact on performance. It’s not just about numbers on a spreadsheet; it’s about creating something bigger, something that benefits everyone involved.”

Emerald echoes the sentiment of Guernsey. “Fostering the growth of local businesses is something I’ve been passionate about throughout my career, and Vuelo is the culmination of that passion. Growth generates employment opportunities, strengthens the local economy and ultimately leads to a thriving community.”

Yancey’s role with Vuelo will be building scalable systems and processes, integrating acquisitions and executing growth strategy. “Building on the success of Waypoint, Vuelo represents an incredible opportunity to scale the impact of generations in Northern Colorado and beyond,” said Yancey.

Rounding out the group is Tom Hall, partner and director of asset management at Waypoint Real Estate. “Investing in operating businesses is like being an architect of economic growth,” Hall said. “We have the opportunity to identify and nurture promising local companies, helping them reach their full potential. This process not only creates value for our investors, but also serves as a catalyst for economic growth, sending ripples of prosperity throughout the community.”

Vuelo Ventures will invest by acquiring or partnering in operating businesses in Colorado and Wyoming. It is looking for service-based companies with strong recurring revenue models and a positive reputation within the community. Ideal candidates will have revenues between $1 million and $10 million. Vuelo has eight startups, acquisitions or partnerships under its belt and several more in the pipeline. Meanwhile, Vuelo Real Estate Investments will invest in value-adding commercial real estate opportunities. “Investors will be able to access institutional quality investments, benefit from economies of scale and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with professional management services. This combination offers the potential for above-market returns with mitigated risk,” the company said.

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