What is Skin Cycling and why is this skincare trend worth trying?

We all love skin care. It is one of the ways to pamper ourselves and take care of our skin in the best way.

With so many beauty trends coming in and out, taking care of your skin can be difficult to get right. A variety of products from different brands, a multitude of facials and cosmetics can make it difficult for you to choose one and take the best care of your skin. But don’t worry! Some dermatologists on social media are trying to make things easier for you by educating you on what to choose and what to skip.

Recently, a board-certified dermatologist, Whitey Bowe, MD, shared her four-day skin cycling regimen on TikTok, which became the most trending topic among all skin care fanatics. According to her, skin cycling is an efficient way to reduce your actives and keep your skin looking good in the long run.

Tell us all about leather cycling and whether or not this trend is worth trying.

What is Skin Cycling?

Skin Cycling is a skin care regimen created by Dr. Whitey Bowe. She calls it a holistic approach to treating your skin and keeping it supple. According to her, skin cycling does two main things. First, it helps prevent irritation, and second, it helps you get the most out of your powerful active products.

Skin cycling isn’t just for those with sensitive skin. Even if you can tolerate more intense actives, this will make your skin look flawless and glowing.

What does skin cycling involve?

Skin cycling is a four-day cycle. Bowe doesn’t cycle through her skincare routine in the morning. She keeps her AM regimen consistent. But when night falls, she takes skin cycling very seriously and performs the following rituals.

Night 1 – Exfoliation

To start your skin cycling routine, the dermatologist recommends using some type of exfoliator. You can choose physical scrubs, AHA serums and other similar products.

Exfoliating gives you an instant glow and helps prepare your skin to get the most out of the other steps included in this skin care routine. Exfoliation removes the layer of dead skin from your face, making it easier for subsequent actives to penetrate the skin better.

Night 2 – Retinol/Retinoid

The second step in this skin care regimen involves the application of retinol. There are many benefits of retinol. It helps reduce fine lines, lightens dark spots and evens out your skin tone. Retinol also helps promote faster skin cell turnover.

The ingredient is a bit noisy and you may feel an itchy sensation during the first applications. We advise you to explore a variety of options to choose the one that suits your skin type. Retinol comes in different concentrations, from mild to strong. Some also include other gentler formulas like hyaluronic acid, ceramides and other elements suitable for sensitive skin.

Nights 3 and 4 – Recovery

The next two nights of skin cycling are recovery nights.

Bowe advises you to avoid exfoliating acids, retinoids, or other potentially irritating ingredients on these nights. All you have to do is nourish your skin’s barrier with the help of ingredients like sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil, hyaluronic acid, glycerin and Aloe Vera.

Stick to all gentle ingredients that are only meant to hydrate your skin.

Repeat the Cycle

After your first cycle, you will notice visible changes in your skin tone and texture. Your skin will feel like baby skin with moisturizing and nourishing ingredients.

Now you can repeat the cycle with the same steps and instructions. But remember, not all skin types are the same. If you feel your skin needs more time to recover, take more time. You can dedicate an entire week to helping your skin recover before repeating the cycle. It’s okay to adjust the schedule according to your skin’s requirements.

What are the benefits of skin cycling?

Leather cycling has a plethora of benefits.

  • This skin care method helps you reap the maximum benefits of the exfoliants and retinoids you use on your skin. The cycle ensures that you don’t overdo it with these ingredients.
  • According to Bowe, two groups of people will benefit the most from this routine—those who are overwhelmed by all the products and aren’t sure where to start, and those who already use great products but have hit a plateau.
  • Skin cycling saves you from overdoing the skin with active substances as part of this procedure is reserved to allow your skin to repair and recover.
  • This skincare routine allows you to make small changes depending on your goals and skin type. Skin cycling has equal benefits for people with all skin types.

How fast does this procedure work?

Dr. Bowe points out that you can start seeing results from this skin care regimen after two cycles or eight days of following the routine. You can expect to see a healthier glow and overall glow to your skin in the days to come. Your skin will feel and look more hydrated and softer to the touch.

The longer you do this cycle, the more changes you will notice in your skin and complexion.

Is Skin Cycling right for me?

What skin types can best benefit from skin cycling is the million dollar question!

As long as you tailor your regimen to your skin type and choose products after speaking with your dermatologist, skin cycling will benefit all skin types. It is vital to discuss the pros and cons of this skincare with your dermatologist before using it in your daily practice.

Moreover, always choose good quality products to start skin cycling. Research about the assets and choose the best brands to buy them.

The hashtag #skincycling has already boasted 14.2 million views on the social media platform. This allows skin care newbies and veterans to have a good skin care routine without the extra effort. By knowing which ingredients suit your skin best, you can give this skincare routine a try.

What are your thoughts on leather cycling? Tell us in the comments below. Stay tuned for more on health, skin care and beauty.

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