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champions of the series a
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The result of the season often depends on their performances and they are the main protagonists of the transfer market, a moment that football clubs always look at with great expectation: we are talking about the forwards, modern heroes of the Serie A championship, that match after match helps create a new and exciting page of football spectacle. But there is more. HE champions of the series aIn fact, they are the undisputed protagonists not only of the football that is played on the field of play, but also of the football that involves the fans personally: there are many fans who, consulting the betting odds, enjoy the beta playful formula that comes from the countryside to everyday life.

Those who make their bets know that, often, a winning prediction on the development of a match or an entire season is always based on a good knowledge of the characteristics and strengths of each player; From this perspective, performance on the field and rankings are the daily bread of betting fans, who follow the most popular athletes, those who, signing each success with the style of champion, they always make a difference on the field. Who are the stars of the 2023/2024 championship? Let’s find out together in this article.

Lautaro Martinez – Inter

With 29 goals and 12 assists in the 22/23 season, Lautaro Martínez confirmed his personal best marks compared to the previous championship. Only surpassed by Osimhen in balls kicked on goal (55 to 53), the Argentine forward scored 127 shots in total, earning 15 points for his team with 21 goals. Among the titles to his credit are the World Cup, the Italian Cup and the Italian Super Cup. His name appears on the list of the 30 players who were nominated for the Ballon d’Or last season. Today the captain of Inter and the Argentine team, with which he became world champion in 2022 and South American champion in 2012, gave Inter the 2024 Super Cup and is at the top of the scoring table.

Dusan Vlahovic – Juventus

Trained in the youth ranks of OFK Belgrade and Partizan, Dusan Vlahovic has a victory in the Super League in the 2016/2017 season and two Serbian Cups in the 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 championships. His debut in the Serie A championship came in 2018 with Fiorentina, a club for which Vlahovic then played for four years, winning the title. Best young player in Serie A.. In 2022, the Serbian champion moves to Juventus, with whom he will play in the final Italian Cup. Many of the hopes of clubs and fans are placed on him, who are following with interest his position at the top of the scoring table for the 2023/2024 season.

Victor Osimhen-Napoli

Even in the ongoing championship, Victor Osimhen’s name is among those that fans and bookmakers follow closely, especially for his excellent performances in terms of goals scored.

In fact, with his 33 goals and five assists last season, the African striker is in eighth position in the ranking of candidates for the Euro Cup. Ballon d’Or 2023, less than ten goals behind Lionel Messi, who took the title with 42 goals. The champion also linked his name to the history of Napoli, contributing to the achievement of the expected third place. shield last season. Furthermore, Osimhen is one of the four athletes of the Neapolitan national team capable of scoring at least 26 goals in a single championship, and this result has propelled him to the top of the ranking of the African players who have scored the most during a single championship. .Only season of Serie A.

Khvicha Kvaratskhelia – Naples

Kvaratskhelia, ranked 17th among the candidates for the 2023 Ballon d’Or, is also among the architects of Napoli’s third scudetto. Considered one of the best signings made in Europe last season, he is currently one of the most fearsome offensive full-backs on the pitch, and precisely because of this particularity he came to be called “Kvaradona” and not by chance: the Georgian attacker was also the first. player to take home 10 goals and 10 assists in his first season in Europe’s top five tournaments, an achievement not seen since Diego. He is also the player who created the most chances after progressing with the ball and last season he scored 16 goals and 17 assists.

They are the ambassadors of Italian and international football, often carrying the weight of the most prestigious tournaments on their shoulders: the champions of the Italian Serie A contribute to writing beautiful sports pages that fascinate fans. Their successes fuel the football narrative that highlights international awards and recognition. Furthermore, all this involves the public of fans and betting enthusiasts in a “metagame” that doubles the pleasure of cheering and takes the game from the field to everyday life: this is where football meets the ritual of “betting” by the player. win or the result and creates a high level of involvement for those who follow the game from home or in the stands.

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