Who won the Super Bowl last night?  Mahomes, Kelce, Swift and Usher recap – NBC Chicago

Who won the Super Bowl last night? Mahomes, Kelce, Swift and Usher recap – NBC Chicago

The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers 25-22 in overtime in a Super Bowl unlike any other. Here’s a look at some of the topics that will be left behind:

Best Super Bowl Ever?

This Super Bowl will likely go down as one of the most memorable, given Taylor Swift’s involvement and the fact that it was in Las Vegas for the first time. Throw in Kansas City winning back-to-back titles — a rare feat — and Patrick Mahomes’ late brilliance, and it was a classic.

But it wasn’t the most played game, with both teams missing big turnovers and neither offense doing much until the end, when fatigue could have been a factor.

Best team ever?

It’s up for grabs now for the Chiefs, who have reached four Super Bowls in five years and won three of them. Now they’re going for something no one — not Joe Montana’s 49ers or Tom Brady’s Patriots — has done. Kansas City can win a third straight Super Bowl.

That may seem unlikely, but so has this championship for most of the season. The Chiefs went the entire second half of the AFC Championship Game and the entire first half of the Super Bowl without a touchdown. If they can manage to win it all anyway, what will it take to beat them?

“Battling through the adversity that we went through this year, and the guys stayed with the process, continued to believe,” Mahomes said. “You never know how it’s going to play out, and to be able to play three great teams to get to this game and play another great team and win all those games was a road of really in the playoffs, and we were able. to reach and be Super Bowl champions.”

Best QB ever?

Mahomes has some way to go before he matches Tom Brady’s longevity and career accomplishments, but he may have an even better resume than New England’s quarterback at the same age. Mahomes has three Super Bowl titles at age 28 and was the MVP in each of those victories. By the time he was 28, Brady had won three Super Bowls and was the MVP for two.

But at that age, Brady hadn’t won any regular-season MVPs, and Mahomes already has two.

Best celebrity fan ever?

Taylor Swift’s most die-hard loyalists can claim she was the lucky charm that brought Kansas City another championship. Even if you’re not buying it, there’s no denying that her relationship with Travis Kelce added some buzz to what was a pretty lackluster regular season for the Chiefs.

Then they continued their postseason run, culminating in a near-perfect storm of sports and pop culture intersecting in the Super Bowl. Maybe Kelce and Swift will be back in the Super Bowl next year, but NFL and Chiefs fans shouldn’t take the sequence of events that unfolded over the past few months for granted.

Best host city ever?

Now we’re definitely in the realm of the subjective, but the first Super Bowl in Las Vegas was a hit with many fans — some of whom came to town even if they weren’t sure they’d be able to make it to the game.

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The demand for tickets made it clear how popular this site was. And as sports leagues embrace Las Vegas more and more, it’s a matter of when, not if, more events like this come to town.

A crushing loss

The 49ers were about as close to a championship as you can get without winning it, and coach Kyle Shanahan is still looking for a title after missing another Super Bowl. He’s been on the wrong end of the only two Super Bowls to go into overtime — this one and Super Bowl 51, which he lost as offensive coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons.

Shanahan is one of the game’s most influential offensive minds, but this wasn’t one of his masterpieces. The 49ers got 160 total yards from Christian McCaffrey, but two touchdowns and three field goals weren’t enough for San Francisco to win. And Shanahan’s decision to take the ball first in overtime raised some eyebrows.

Meanwhile, Kansas City’s Andy Reid won his third Super Bowl title.

His finest hour?

What a career defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo has created. When he was with the 2007 New York Giants, he helped knock off previously undefeated New England in the Super Bowl. He has now won three titles with the Chiefs.

With Mahomes and the offense no longer torching opposing secondaries like in the past, the pressure was on Spagnuolo’s defense. He delivered, holding Lamar Jackson and Baltimore to 10 points in the AFC Championship Game and then holding Kansas City in it against the 49ers until the offense lagged.

Usher’s halftime show shines

There was talk that Usher’s halftime show might be overshadowed by Swift’s presence in the crowd, but he delivered a set with some highlights, including appearances by Alicia Keys, HER, Jermaine Dupri, Lil Jon and Ludacris.

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What about ads?

From Jennifer Aniston, to Ben Affleck, to Michael Cera, the Super Bowl commercials made a big splash. Here’s a look back at some of those who ran.

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