WIP achieves outstanding results in attracting investments with businesses

WEIHAI, China, August 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A news report from CRI Online:

The signing ceremony of Phase II of the Marquardt Automotive Electronic System and Switches Project was held at the Weihai International Port Economic and Technological Development Zone (WIP) of Shandong The province in April 11, 2022. This marks the second collaboration between Marquardt, a global champion in the field of switching and control systems, and WIP, with their first collaboration five years ago.

WIP has signed 26 quality projects in the first seven months of 2022, signaling its outstanding performance in attracting investment. Such achievements were by no means accidental. Investment attraction is are considered by many it will be a time-consuming game, but WIP has bucked that trend and is landing investment deals every month at lightning speed. What is the secret?

Thinking before you act

success it is done with hard work. Behind these extraordinary achievements are the efforts of all the people involved in attracting investments. As the homogeneous competition in attracting investment becomes more and more fierce, WIP has explored a unique way to attract more investment, and that is by attracting investment with business. To be more specific, this means attracting investment by intensifying and expanding the industrial chain and focusing on the development of industrial agglomerations. This concept has become the secret sauce behind the extraordinary achievements of the investments made by the area.

Since when May 2017, the area has prepared and planned for golden opportunities for its investment attraction in the wake of the contract with the Marquardt Group for the Phase I Project. As a result of this readiness, the area immediately sent an invitation to the Marquardt Group and reserved the land for the Phase I Project II. anticipated a second collaboration with this group.

In 2021, the Marquardt Group began the selection of countries for the expansion of its business in China. WIP, with its successful experience in servicing the group’s Phase I Project, has become the first choice for the group.

After that, the area increased efforts to expand the area of ​​investment attraction with the help of Marquardt projects, trying to attract more projects. Under the strategy of attracting investments with business, the catalytic role of the industrial chain is gradually emerging.

Investment before inviting

WIP is committed to providing an enabling environment for enterprises before they take up residence. In the Sino-Japanese Cooperation Industrial Park (Weihai), there is a cluster of high-standard Japanese factories and talent apartments. Workers can walk home in just two or three minutes. k.

In the context of a market economy, investment attraction production can only be made from a large input. In WIP, data is reflected not only in nature parks, but also in international support facilities, such as ice hockey halls and international schools. Comprehensive competitive advantages have made the area a “second home” for many foreign investors.

Answering before you ask

To continue to attract large projects, we need to deal with the “Top 5 commercial consulting firms in the world” such as Cushman & Wakefield and Colliers International. These institutions can provide multinational companies with professional consultation on project site selection and other areas, which is of great importance in deciding whether a city can be included in the field of selection of large enterprises.

To compete with these highly professional institutions, we need to make ourselves more professional. Over the years, WIP has prepared a questionnaire of its own characteristics based on that of the “Top 5 Business Consulting Firms in the World”, containing more than 200 data entries in various fields such as water and energy supply electricity, geology and ecological environment.

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