WTS Travel and partners break ground on new sustainability-focused resort in Changi Village

Tentatively named The Bus Resort, the hotel will give a boost to tourism in Changi Village with a focus on sustainable recycling of decommissioned public buses.

SINGAPORE, August 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — WTS Travel (“WTS”) and partners have broken ground on a new resort that will launch in Changi Village using refurbished public buses. This is the first resort in Southeast Asia that will use the reconstructed buses as waiting rooms. The guest rooms will give the buses a new lease of life and is a clear signal that the reuse, recycling and recycling movement is not limited to individuals but can be applied to the construction and tourism sectors. The resort will reside on vacant government land near the Changi Village hawker centre.

Artist’s impression of The Bus Resort

The foundation laying ceremony was led by the minister Dr Maliki Osman, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, Second Minister for Education and Foreign Affairs and Grassroots Advisor for East Coast GRCs (Siglap). The project will showcase opportunities for recycling and creative ideas for sustainable action as part of green and vibrant improvements to Changi Village’s leisure ecosystem while creating employment opportunities.

With the reopening of travel, we expect that see more trips inbound Singapore. With The Bus Resort, there is an opportunity for this resort to lead the charge towards repositioning of Singapore the tourism sector for differentiation through the diversification of the source market as well as sustainable tourism.

Managing Director of WTS Travel, said Micker Sia: “This is an extraordinary opportunity for Singapore, WTS Travel and partners to show how tourism, nature and environmentalism can come together for the benefit of our community. Through the execution of creative ideas, we can recycle existing resources and create unique and exciting new experiences for locals and tourists alike.”

Partners include LHN Group and Sky Win Holding.

Bus resort to complement Changi Village’s F&B, leisure, retail and hospitality ecosystem

The resort is estimated to launch in the second quarter of 2023. Occupying over 8,600 square meters of land and featuring 20 guest rooms, the resort will connect with Changi Village’s vibrant ecosystem of F&B, retail shops and attractions such as the revamped newly. Changi Village Hawker Centre, Changi East Boardwalk, Changi Chapel & Museum and Smith Marine floating spiral.

The bus resort will contribute to the culture and ecosystem of the area as a place to enjoy wellness and recuperate away from city life. The rooms will be fully equipped to embrace the surrounding environment with a luxurious feel. There will also be an Events and Experience Center located within the resort, offering space for activities such as pilates, yoga and other mindfulness-focused experiences.

The new resort will also create local employment opportunities at all operational and frontline levels.

Through the Bus Resort, WTS will demonstrate how urban and natural elements can be sustainably integrated into coach guest rooms to provide an extraordinary getaway experience that appeals to a growing segment of discerning travelers. for Environment.

Renovation of East Coast and Changi Village
The innovative and upcoming launch of The Bus Resort will revitalize tourism in Changi Village and help local and international tourists discover a part of Singapore steeped in history, culinary specialties and sporting activities.

Minister Dr Maliki Osman said: “Changi Point, with its rustic charm and lush greenery, is an enduring icon for many Singaporeans. This project will add a new attraction to an already vibrant area. It also demonstrates an innovative way to create exciting experiences while you’re walking uphill. We hope to see more developments like this that bring value to the community while also serving our long-term goals for a green and vibrant East Coast.”

Breaking the boundaries with Private-Public Partnership

Assisted by the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI), the Pro-Enterprise Panel (PEP), First Moving Frame (FMF) enables asset-owning agencies to be more entrepreneurial by supporting a direct distribution of public assets to businesses with new or game-changing ideas. PEP supported WTS in identifying a suitable space to test their new idea and facilitated discussions with relevant regulatory agencies such as the Singapore Land Authority (SLA).

Note to the editor: Event photos, voices and artist impressions from The Bus Resort can be downloaded from this link.

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