Yili’s AI platform, functional food nutrition, new affordable proteins and more

Yili’s AI platform, functional food nutrition, new affordable proteins and more

‘No silver bullet’: Yili reveals the benefits and limitations of its in-house AI platform

Chinese dairy giant Yili believes that artificial intelligence (AI) in product innovation lies in formulation and efficiency improvements, but stresses that it is not a silver bullet to create good end product results.

Yili developed its own in-house version of the Chat-GPT AI platform, called Yili-GPT, a few years ago.

She has sought to use this internally to solve problems in various business areas, concluding that it is ‘useful but limited’ in terms of producing results.

“Yili-GPT was found to be very effective when we tried to use it to get AI answers to solve problems around product and concept creation, but at the same time we found that we definitely cannot rely on it alone to create the desired end-product results,”said Yili Digital Technology Center general manager Tiger Shang.

India’s ProV Foods taps untapped opportunities in functional and convenient foods

Mumbai-headquartered ProV Foods is doubling down on healthy on-the-go foods and flavor innovations amid growing demand for foods with functional benefits in the country.

There are several categories that remain untapped in India’s nascent health food sector, according to Shalin Khanna, co-founder and CMO of ProV Foods.

“One category that is underserved and has a lot of room for innovation is ‘bars and bites’, such as After COVID, the rise of health consciousness is a global phenomenon. In India, cured foods and diets like paleo, ketogenic and Mediterranean have gained a lot of steam.”,

Main stream by 2033? Affordability and growth ‘increasingly important’ for emerging protein sectors as regulatory challenges ease

APAC’s leading new protein technology sectors covering cultured meat and precision fermentation now see product growth and subsequent affordability as the next significant evolutionary milestone for the sector as regulatory delays ease.

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